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The latest in the Red Petticoat Series by Livia Grant is here!

Dear Readers:
I can't believe my release day is finally here! When I was invited to write a story for the Red Petticoat Saloon series, I was honored and thrilled.  I jumped at the chance to work with so many of my favorite authors on this fun project.  That was last December.
Only as I sat down to finally get started writing Charlie and Emelie's story, did it really hit me that I had signed up to write not only an historical romance, but a western to boot; two new sub-genres I've never written in before.  I started out a bit nervous, but I ended up having a blast writing this story.  It helped that the authors before me created a rich, full of life world in Culpepper Cove with characters we have come to love.  It also helped having written two stories for the Corbin's Bend series, I have comfortable writing in an on-going series like the Red Petticoat Saloon.
I want to thank the authors who wrote before me as everyone was able to include cameo appearances of my hero, piano player extraordinaire, Charlie Walker. The first idea for my story came as I contemplated how hard it would be for a man working in the Red Petticoat to fall in love with a gem and then have to watch his woman taking customers upstairs night after night. Charlie deals with it about as well as you'd expect.
So I hope you enjoy this next installment of the Red Petticoat Saloon.  It can be read as a stand-alone, but I hope you go back and give the entire series a read as each book is awesome and unique.
Cheers and happy reading,
Melting Silver by Livia Grant
Emelie Svennson's dream is to sing on stage. When a musical troupe passes through her home in Wisconsin, she believes her dream will be fulfilled when the leader invites her to be the star of his show. By the time she realizes that he is nothing more than an abusive bully and her dream is now her nightmare, she finds herself stranded in San Francisco with no money and on the run from the law.  As she tries to make her way home to her family, she stops in Culpepper Cove and is drawn to the amazing melodies coming from the Red Petticoat Saloon.  The handsome piano player is almost as remarkable as his music. 

Charlie Walker adores all of the gems he works with, but from the minute he meets Emelie, he knows there is something special about her. As much as he wants her to stay in Culpepper Cove, the thought of her putting on red petticoats and entertaining men upstairs as Silver cuts him to the core. 

As their pasts clash, Charlie will have to work hard to convince his new gem that he will not only love and honor her, but that he won't hesitate to drag her across his knee for a bare-bottomed spanking that promises to warm more than just her backside.  Can he convince the woman with the voice of an angel that dreams can come true?
About The Red Petticoat series:
The Red Petticoat Saloon series is a collection of books written by #1 and USA Today bestselling authors. Each book tells the unique story of a different woman, 'a gem', who comes to the saloon to find a safe haven and discovers they become part of a family. Recurring characters appear in each book to allow readers a continuity as they learn about the women who have learned to bend but have not broken under the harshness that life has to offer. It is a series where strong, loving men find not only entertainment at the saloon but the special women who reside under its roof.
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Previous books in the Red Petticoat Series...



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★★ Cowboy Discipline★★ #BoxSet A Western Anthology


Five full-length novels by USA Today Best-Selling Authors, Vanessa Vale, Maren Smith, Lee Savino, Renee Rose, Patty Devlin


Go west where the men are sexy, dominant and very capable of setting fire in the hearts and seats of their women.










The Lawman by Vanessa Vale


Ellen Oldsmere, becomes a mail order bride for a complete stranger in the Montana Territory, fleeing Minneapolis. Her new husband is all that she'd imagined: handsome, virile and sexually skilled. But he's also the town sheriff and would surely arrest her if he found out her secret.


Ryder Graves is determined to find a bride of his choosing, wanting more than what is available in town. When Eleanor arrives, she meets all of his expectations, but not all she seems. Will he still want her when he learns the truth, or will his passion for the law make her face the consequences of her actions?

The Outlaw’s Bride by Renee Rose

A spitfire rancher. The dominant outlaw who takes her in hand.


Stranded in the west, Mabelle's been managing her dead sister's ranch alone for three months. The last thing she needs is the Curly James Gang pushing her around. She fights back, and finds herself over an outlaw's knee.


She wants to hate the good-looking outlaw, but he seems to have her best interest at heart and even risks his life to protect her from the rest of the gang. Still, a quick-to-spank outlaw with a bounty on his head isn't the sort of man for her. Or is he?

Rocky Mountain Rose by Lee Savino

A cowboy with a broken heart. A dancing girl who’s sworn off men. Love blooms in the hardest hearts in the Wild West.


Feisty and independent, Rose is a dancing girl in the Wild West. When an evil brothel owner lays claim to her, it’s up to Lyle Wilder to rescue the jaded redhead. Lyle vows to protect Rose, even if he has to drag her kicking and screaming to safety. His firm discipline keeps his wild rose from danger, but can he convince her to let love grow?

Life After Rachel by Maren Smith

There weren't many folks who'd equate an Indian war party to a miracle, but Reverend John White did. He believed in miracles; it went with the job. But this particular miracle...well, it was a doozy and her name was Ane, the only surviving member of a doomed westward-bound wagon train.


In the span of a single day, the young Norwegian woman had lost her entire family, her husband, even her infant daughter. Having been in America for less than a month, she couldn’t even speak her rescuers’ language, but the Lord worked in mysterious ways and necessity had a way of making itself clear no matter what the obstacles.

So off Ane went, to a hardscrabble farm a few miles out of Redemption to care for the baby who needed her to survive and for the heart-broken man who, fight it though he tried, needed her even more.

Mail Order Switch by Patty Devlin

Liz will do anything to get away from her evil guardian, and she was prepared to disguise herself as a boy and look for work as a ranch hand. When Caroline, a stranger on the train next to her, sees through her "boy" disguise, and begs her to take her place as a mail-order bride, Liz doesn't hesitate long before saying yes. It's got to be easier than working on a ranch, and as a married woman with a new name, she'll be out of her guardian's clutches forever.

Wade Malone has been looking forward to his new bride for months, but when "Caroline" finally arrives, things don't exactly add up. For one, "Caroline" was supposed to be twenty-five years old; the woman who came off the train doesn't look a day above sixteen. He has a strong aversion to liars, particularly in a wife. But he's also a man who keeps his promises and whoever the woman is at his side, he's made a commitment.


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Dark Pines Manor by Sandy Grafton

Dark Pines Manor by Sandy Grafton

Dark Pines Manor isn't for everyone.

Patrice finds herself there as a result of her new husband's treachery - they didn't even have a wedding night together before he dumped her out of the carriage at the door to the establishment.

Eve is sent there by her father, who is at his wits' end due to her misbehavior and her constant testing of the limits of propriety.

Neither woman has any idea exactly where she has ended up, or what might be in store for her at the Manor - although Eve, subjected to callous and crude treatment at the hands of the couple who've been hired to collect her, already has an inkling that whatever awaits her upon her arrival will not be good.

She is right.

What Patrice and Eve both soon discover is that Dark Pines Manor is a place where women are expected to serve their Masters in all things, no matter what the command.

Both young women, who have been raised to be demure and chaste as Victorian society dictates, are horrified to discover that their bodies are no longer their own. Where punishments are severe, and the Masters are fine upstanding citizens, the cream of British society, men with power, wealth and position.

Like Lord Derek Muir who, once he has acquired Patrice, is determined to strip away her inhibitions and make her his own personal plaything, no matter what it takes.

Or Marcus, Earl of Donnington, who wastes no time in showing Eve all the different facets of his desires - to her shock, humiliation and, ultimately, complete arousal.

Will the young women learn to find pleasure in submission or will they fight it every step of the way?

Publisher's Note: This book is not a typical romance. It is a dark erotic tale. If explicit sexual scenes, which include humiliation, severe spanking and discipline offend you, please do not purchase Dark Pines Manor.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Victorian Shift by Allison West

The Victorian Shift by Allison West
In a world of five men to one woman, chaos is just the beginning.
At a young age, Piper and her sister Ruby are placed into the prison system designed to keep the female population safe. With the knowledge Piper obtains about the program that women are forced into at age eighteen, Piper retaliates against the guards and finds herself locked in maximum security.
It’s been seven years since she’s seen her younger sister. For every disobedient act, she’s forced from a prison cell into a cage barely big enough for a dog.
Her determination to rescue Ruby from the program is what keeps her going. In the decade Piper’s been locked up, the world has changed significantly. Women are forced to have a master, obey their every command, or expect severe discipline, in this futuristic yet reminiscent society of the Victorian era.
Can Piper trust the handsome guard, Charlie, or will he betray her at the first opportunity possible? Will the rebels that help free her from the prison expect something in return? Forced to face the world head-on, Piper must learn to submit in order to survive.
This dystopian novel features elements of age-play, spanking, anal play, with an emphasis on both the Victorian and Western eras.

The new guard looked uncomfortable at the mere mention of physical brutality and rape. Piper wasn’t too keen on it either. For the most part no one ever touched her, except for the occasional guard who wanted a blow job or fuck in the office. On a few occasions, she’d resorted to the disgusting acts as she attempted to grab the guard’s keys, but it never worked. Most of her encounters involved fighting back and attacking the guards when given the opportunity.
It hadn’t won her any good will toward the guards or a chance at seeing sunlight again.
“Sounds a tad harsh, don’t you think?” the new guard asked. He stepped further down the hall, coming toward Piper. “What’d she do to get stuffed into a cage for an animal?”
“She bit me,” Ivan said, unfastening the button on his sleeve as he rolled his work shirt up his arm, revealing fresh teeth marks. Piper had broken skin and left a nasty gash. Ivan hadn’t worn a bandage but his injury did look poorly stitched.
“He deserved it,” Piper said, her eyes casting a quick glance before darting to the ground, afraid of her punishment for speaking out so freely.

About the Author
Allison West is a #1 International Best-Selling Author in Erotica, BDSM, Romantic Erotica, Sci-Fi, Victorian, and Historical Erotica. She also writes young adult novels under the name Ruth Silver.

Allison West has been inventing worlds and writing stories for years. Her favorite novels are those that leave a lasting impression, long after the final page is read. You can find more about Allison on Facebook and Twitter.

Visit her website here:

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