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Coffee, Tea, and Me with Kallista Dane author of The Devil's Cowboy

I'm excited to share Kallista Dane, a friend I've actually had 
the chance to meet, with you guys today. Kallista, can you tell us how many books you have written total? 

My tenth book The Devil’s Cowboy will be released this Saturday.

Will you tell us about your latest release?

It’s a contemporary BDSM-themed Western about Ellen Jacobs, who is thrown into a situation where she finds herself paired with Rafe Cummings, a sexy cowboy who has spent years exposing fake psychic phenomena. They go to the aid of Ellen’s best friend, whose new home in Dallas seems to be possessed.

She’s drawn to him in spite of the fact that he doesn’t hesitate to put her over his knee for a bare bottom spanking – the first she’s ever gotten - only hours after they’ve met. He requires obedience and although Ellen bristles at being told what to do, as time goes on she finds herself craving more of his dominance, both in bed and out.

Together, they must confront dark forces at work. Will their first real date end up being a date with the Devil himself?

Are you working on anything right now?

I’m half way through another contemporary BDSM novel right now about a billionaire tech wizard searching for a woman who engages his mind as much as she excites his body. He hires a brilliant woman to work in his business by day who will also serve as his sub every night. But there’s something he doesn’t know about her. She’s in trouble and was forced to take the job under false pretenses, having never actually experienced BDSM before.

He’s invented all sorts of high-tech sex toys that he tries out on her. I’m having so much fun dreaming them up. The only problem is that as I do my research on-line, I’ve discovered that some of them already exist!

How much of your stories come from real experiences? 

Real experiences? 

(blushing) Well, let me tell you this. Every one of my hot alpha males has a bit of my husband in him and he and I have done some very naughty things.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
The biggest challenge for me is making the characters themselves believable even though the situations they face are pure fiction. Getting emotions we can all identify with to come through the pages and make the reader say “I like her spunk” or “He’d be fun to spend time with” or “I know exactly how she feels.”

Are there any authors that have caught your eye?

I recently read several of Natasha Knight’s books. She isn’t afraid to incorporate some gut-wrenching real life situations into the lives of her characters. And then of course, I’ve always loved your books, Patty, along with Breanna’s and Renee’s.

Do you have any advice for new writer’s trying their hand at erotica?

Advice? Read other genres along with erotica. Study the way other authors put together a sentence and build a scene. Make the sex part of the story instead of the whole story.

And for fun, tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours.
I’m not sure if it’s quirky or unique but I have a ritual I go through when I sit down to write. I start working early in the morning, often before the sun comes up, so I light candles around my desk. I listen to the same music on my IPod every day as I begin and I say a little blessing I made up before I start, asking Spirit to guide my words.

Devil’s Cowboy

After receiving a desperate plea from a childhood friend, Ellen Jacobs boards the next plane to Dallas. The message warns of a dark and malevolent presence which shrouds her friend’s home, but perhaps even more disturbing for Ellen is the fact that she will not be working alone. Her friend has enlisted the help of Rafe Cummings, the tall, brash, sexy demon-hunter better known as The Devil’s Cowboy.

From the moment they meet, Rafe knows Ellen will be trouble. Though she agrees to work with him, it is abundantly clear that she is far from ready to trust him, let alone follow his lead. But when her prideful defiance nearly results in disaster, Rafe takes Ellen over his knee, bares her bottom, and gives her a long, hard spanking—the first of her life—to impress upon her that as long as they are working together, she will do as she is told or face the consequences.

Despite his arrogance and his willingness punish disobedience in such an uncivilized fashion, not only does Ellen’s body cry out for Rafe’s firm hand, her soul itself seems bound to his in some way. His skillful, dominant lovemaking leaves her breathless and begging for more, but even as their passion grows they still must concentrate on the task at hand. Can they stand as one to overcome the evil they came to confront, even if that means a date with the Devil himself?

Publisher’s Note: The Devil’s Cowboy is an erotic romance novel that includes spanking, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book

                                                        Buy this book on Amazon

Bared and Tamed

     When she is unfairly blamed for the loss of a key contract, Rylie Duncan’s hot temper—along with a few too many drinks and a handy cellphone—may destroy her entire career. The inebriated messages sent to her bosses cost Rylie her job, but it is the foul-mouthed voicemail left for Neill Sullivan, CEO of her company’s biggest rival, which turns out to be her undoing.
     In the years since he lost his wife, Neill devoted his energy to his work. Women were a distraction he did not need… until Rylie and her fiery temper awoke desires he had not felt in a long time. Her slanderous voicemail presents the opportunity to satisfy both his own needs and hers as well—needs she doesn’t yet know she has.
     Ordered to appear in Neill’s office or risk the voicemail becoming public, Rylie obeys but is totally unprepared for what follows. Before the evening is over she is stripped naked and bent over his desk for a paddling and then, to her dismay, she cannot help but beg for Neill to take her right there in his office with her cheeks blushing and her bottom still hot and sore.
     Neill’s plans for Rylie don’t end that evening, though, and for the next six months she will work two jobs. During the day she will be a well-paid executive at Neill’s company, but at night she will serve in his home at his whim. To her surprise, Rylie soon discovers that both roles have their rewards, and she begins to enjoy the evenings she spends naked, awaiting her master’s instructions. But as the end of her six months approaches, can Rylie and Neill turn their newfound romance into more than just a temporary arrangement?

Publisher’s Note: Bared and Tamed is an erotic romance novel that includes spanking, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.    

                                            Buy this book on Amazon

Captured by the Sultan

     Shortly after Dr. Shayla Dennison uncovers a trove of sexually explicit statues in a long-buried temple deep in the desert, she is knocked unconscious during a ferocious storm. When she awakens in what seems to be the distant past, being hailed by those around her as the great Queen of Sheba, the shy scholar finds herself expected to play the lead role in a highly erotic ceremony witnessed by the entire kingdom the night before she travels to meet the man chosen as her husband.
     When her caravan is attacked during the journey, Shay is rescued by Tahraz, the arrogant sultan of a hidden oasis, who promptly announces that she will submit to his every command or face punishment like all the other women of his harem. Shay discovers all too soon that Tahraz is as good as his word and she quickly ends up across his lap, her royal robes pulled up and his rough palm reddening her bare bottom.
     Hatching a plan to win her freedom, Shay proposes a contest—a series of chess matches—with herself as the prize. If she is the winner, the sultan will grant her freedom, but if he triumphs, Shay will kneel before him as he administers pain—or pleasure—at his whim. But when Shay realizes that she is in love with Tahraz, will she continue to resist or will she give in to the savage hunger he has ignited in her and surrender her body and her heart to him fully?

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Author Spotlight Alta Hensley

In the Palace of Lazaar

Small communes are scattered throughout the desert planet. Pods of civilization struggle to survive on the precious, fertile land. Desert inhabitants live in these communes, surviving off whatever resources the small community possesses, but no commune can measure to the Palace of Lazar. Stories of sex, lust, forbidden acts, and a society wrapped around taboo are told among other communes. The four brothers that rule Lazar are known for their insatiable tastes and their women that cater to it all. The Palace of Lazar is not just a commune. It is a harem.

For Briar Hope, the palace offered more. The wonder of the harem and the four brothers haunted her dreams. Briar wanted to see it, live it, feel it, and submit to it. The world of submission called to her very soul. She wanted to end her life as a desert nomad, to exchange it for the promise of the harem's song.

In a world where only the strong survive, can Briar allow the submission required to be part of the harem? Is it possible to find strength in surrender?


Donte gave a quick nod. "I understand that. But when I told you to eat all your meals, I was not asking. I was telling." He walked over to the table and pulled out the chair and sat.

Briar wrung her hands in front of her nude body. "I'm sorry. I'll make sure not to waste again."

Donte gave another quick nod. "Yes, you will." He patted his lap. "Come over here and lay across my knee."

Briar almost gasped. Her heart beat so hard it actually hurt. She didn't hesitate, but every step seemed as if she were walking through quicksand. She had a pretty good idea what he intended to do. A spanking? Was he actually going to spank her?

She stood before him and did as he asked without being told again. She would never question Donte, for he held her future in his hands. The cotton of his pants, the firmness of his thigh, the short distance from her nose to the ground, all reminded her of the precarious position she was in.

"Once again, you surprise me, Briar. You did not resist my order. Because of that, I will not spank you for as long, or as hard, as I was intending to."

Before she could reply, a stinging swat to her behind took her by surprise. She couldn't help but gasp. Another swat, then another, and another.

"We are strict with the harem, or they will rule us instead of us ruling them. When I tell you to do something, whether it is a command or a request, you are to do exactly as I say."

Her whole body jumped when his palm cracked across her bottom. She could feel the breadth of his palm, the stretch of his fingers—his hand was so large it nearly covered both her cheeks entirely and imparted such a sting that try though she did to hold herself obedient and still, there was just no way.

"You traveled a great distance to get here."

His spanking as ruthless as his scolding, he slapped her bottom again and her legs kicked, an involuntary jerk that snapped her feet up off the floor and sent shockwaves radiating through her flanks.

"You almost died."

As the spanking continued, heat bloomed under her skin, inflaming everywhere his hard and capable hand met her flesh. "I do not want you spending your first few days in the infirmary. It is important that you take your health seriously."

He continued to pepper her backside rapidly. Briar did her best to squeeze her eyes shut, clench her teeth, and take the punishment like a good girl. But after the tenth spank, she couldn't help but yelp and wiggle with each continued slap. Her backside reminded her of the hot sands of the desert.

Just as she thought she couldn't take it any longer, and was about to scream for mercy, he stopped the spanking.

"Stand up. The punishment is done."

She quickly stood, feeling a little dizzy at first. She wanted to rub her bottom, but thought better of it. Donte's expression made it clear he meant business.

He stood up and gently placed a fingertip between the folds of her pussy. Removing his moist finger, he smiled in satisfaction. "Your arousal pleases me."

The heat burning Briar's face almost matched the heat on her ass. She couldn't resist looking down at her feet. She could hear him walk over to one of the ornately carved dressers. She glanced up in curiosity. He pulled out a long piece of silk fabric the color of the sunset.

"Go ahead and put this sarong on. At times you will be expected to be nude, and at times you will not. For now, you may get dressed."

Briar reached for the fabric, unsure what to do with it. There were no holes or buttons. Feeling Donte's stare, she quickly decided to wrap it around her like a bath towel and tucked it in at the top.

Donte chuckled. "Here, let me help you." He twisted the material a few times, and expertly draped it around her body. "The girls of the harem will help you with the different ways you can wear this, but for now, I think this will do."

She turned so she was looking in the mirror. Donte had somehow made her look like she was wearing an exceptionally sewn gown. "I can't believe you did this. It's so beautiful."

He placed his hand on her lower back, as he had yesterday, and ushered her toward the door. "It is time we introduce you to the harem."

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Coffee, Tea, and Me with Jordan Abbot author of Hell's Vipers

Welcome, my friend. I'm excited to get some more new author's
over to chat. Jordan, can you tell us how many books you have written total?

I’ve written six in total. Four of those were paranormal books. I’ve written several short stories over the years, which I’ve sold. I also probably another ten that I don’t think are good enough to publish and they need to be re-worked. So they are saved in a safe little spot that only I know where they are.

Will you tell us about your latest release?

Hells Vipers: You Belong to Me is an MC action adventure romance novel. The Hells Vipers have a rat. Someone is giving out personal information to a rival club, and the rivalry has now turned deadly. Not only are club members being targeted; their families are in the cross-hairs as well. Somehow in all of this chaos a romance developed between two unlikely people.

Are you working on anything right now?

I’m working on a second Hells Vipers novel. I’m also re-writing a paranormal romance that I had self published last year. I’m also working on a follow up to another self published novel.

How much of your stories come from real experiences?

All of my stories have bits and pieces of real experiences in them. Though the vast majority of the story is fiction.

Is there anything you find particularly challenging in your writing?
I’m the most challenging thing for me to over come when I’m writing. I’m way to hard on myself. I over think things. I constantly go back changing things because I feel it’s flawed. It’s hard for me to read a story I’ve published because all I see are things I want to change.

Who designs your covers?

When I self publish I design my own covers. The Hells Vipers cover was done by the publisher.

What do you like to read?

Fantasy, horror, dark romance and mysteries

Are there any authors that have caught your eye?

I love Anne Stuart, Stephen King and JK Rowlings. Along with George RR Martin.

Do you have any advice for new writer’s trying their hand at erotica?

Actully, no because I never set out to write an erotic novel when I start a story. I have characters that have a story that needs to be told. The erotic nature of the story just develops because it’s what happened in life between two people. The type of sexual relationships my characters have really depends on who they are. So I guess in a way that is my advice, don’t focus on the erotic nature, focus on the characters and the plot.

Are you a morning or night person?

Defiantly a night person that is forced to live during the day

And for fun, tell us about a unique or quirky habit of yours.

I have a lot of them, to be honest I am a very odd person but that just makes me who I am. I asked my husband what I should put here, he said “For the love of God don’t go into details, they’ll think you’re crazy!” The only appropriate thing I could think of to put here is… I separate my M&M’s and eat them according to how many are in each color going from the smallest number to the largest.

Ha ha, how fun is that? Thank you for coming over today, Jordan. Sorry to rush you off so soon, I need to catch up on my reading. I'm heading over to get my copy of Hells Vipers now. 

The Hells Vipers have a rat. Someone is giving out personal information to a rival club, and the rivalry has now turned deadly. Not only are club members being targeted; their families are in the cross-hairs as well.

Nuke, the Road Captain for the Hells Vipers, has a reputation for being a little crazy and a force to be reckoned with. At 6'3" he's a blonde, tatooed, muscular fighting machine that does what he wants when he wants, and he only wants two things: to find the snitch and possess Jasmine's heart, body and soul.

Jasmine Simmons is a nurse who gets caught up in the chaotic world of the Hells Vipers after doing a friend a favor. She's never met anyone like Nuke before, and she starts to find him irresistible.

She soon realizes, however, that she might be in way over her head when the threats against the club take aim at her.

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Summer Spanks Blog Hop- Free Spanking Stories

Summer Spanks Blog Hop 
September 5th-7th

I've been all depressed about summer ending... Sunshine, warm breezes and- Wait! Summer ending = kids going to school = quiet house and kids gone. Whatever will I do with all this time on my hands? Catch up on my reading? Sweeet!

Well, whether you are depressed at the summer ending or excited to get back into the school year- we have something to cheer you up: prizes, (everyone likes prizes) and FREE spanking Stories. 

Summer Spanks Blog Hop where we provide free spanking stories and the chance to win prizes on every blog! We also have some wonderful Grand Prizes including:

And prizes from me: 
  • $25 Blushing Books gift certificate (1)
  • Choice of one of my books (3)
Prizes will be drawn from Rafflecopter. 

Follow the links to read the blogs–comment on the blog to prove you were there (or answer the participant’s specific question, if they have one). COPY AND PASTE COMMENTS WILL BE DISQUALIFIED! Each comment earns you one entry for the grand prize. You must provide your email address for your entry to count. Individual pages may also have their own form of entry (Rafflecopter, etc) for additional chances to win prizes. Enjoy all the free stories, posts, & fun! Prizes will be announced on Tuesday, Sept. 9, 2014.

To Enter my drawing, tell me which book of mine that you will choose if you win. 

As always, happy tails to you, and may the naughtiest girls win. 


“Well, I’m waiting.” Celia called back to him and took another step deeper into the cold river water. The rocks hurt her feet, but that couldn’t dissuade her from her favorite summer pastime.

He chuckled. “You sure are a stern teacher. I hope you aren’t that mean to the kids.” He leaned against the old maple tree and flipped the piece of paper over again.

“No, they actually listen to me and do what I ask the first time.”

“All right, all right. But first, what is this word? D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E-” He spelled out the word slowly and waited for her response.

Celia watched his face, waiting for some hint that he was teasing her. When it didn’t come she asked, “Why is that in there?” She slowly made her way over the rocks and up the bank to where their son was.

“I don’t know, you could just read it to me, that’s worked for me for years.” He grinned at her and they both knew he was teasing. He’d worked really hard to get to a point where he could read most correspondence or posters on his own now. “Fine, I’ll just read it ‘till I get to that word.

“Dear Jackson,

“I can’t tell you how happy we both are about the visit. It will be so good to get to know your family better. Con-grat-u-lat,” he looked to Celia in confusion.

“Congratulations, remember the ‘tions’?” She sat down next to him and looked down at their precious baby boy.

“Congratulations on the birth of your son. We are in the family way too. I have to apologize in advance for my wife’s behavior. I am afraid she will be a brat, as she has been unruly lately. Discipline has been lacking since we found out.” Jackson laughed. “I guess his doctor didn’t tell him he could use a switch or a belt? I’ll have to set him straight, poor man.” He found his place with his finger and went on.

She smiled softly and sat down on the blanket next to little Erik, named after his Norwegian great-grandfather. He was such a good baby.

Celia only listened halfheartedly. She was thrilled to get to know his brothers better, but her thoughts were on her son, and the huge ways in which the past year had changed her. What if she hadn’t sent that first letter, signing it C.G. Whitman? What if she’d married Hugh?

“Mrs. Owens, you are not paying attention to your pupil. Come here and pay me some attention, Just Celia."

~~Taken from The Lawman's Lessons~~

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Coffee, Tea, and Me with Maggie Ryan, Author of Best Selling Hunter's Ridge Series

Today, I have the best selling author, Maggie Ryan, visiting my humble blog. Maybe you don't know it, but Maggie's Victorians have topped the charts many times. Homecoming is currently #1.

I have had the chance to read all of the books on my blog today and highly recommend them.

Now, even though I have read your books, can you tell my friends about your newest release?

My newest book is titled, “Homecoming” and was published on
August 16th. It is the 2nd book of the Hunter’s Ridge series. This series follows the Women of Wintercrest as Lucy has married her own Prince Charming, Lucas Huntington and they are arriving at his ancestral home where she is to meet his family. This book has a bit of a twist that I hope my readers will enjoy. It is twice as long as the others in the series but, as I told my editor, I needed every word!

And are you working on anything right now? Will you sneak and tell me about it? I won’t tell anyone if you do…

I have just submitted a book titled “Treasured Submission” which is in the editing process. This is a contemporary book about a woman named Abigail Pierce who is a romance author. She attends a book review by someone she thought was one of her favorite authors, only to discover she really should have read the invitation a lot more closely. Despite her shock, she is intrigued and finds the courage to stay and listen to the entire review which changes her life. I had started this book two years ago but recently went back to basically rewrite it because I just fell in love with the characters and their relationship and just couldn’t let them go.

I am also currently working on the 3rd book of the Divine Design series. I’m very excited about this book as the hotel, Haven, will finally be completed and full of adventures for those brave enough to live the lifestyle they find fulfilling in a very safe environment. As always, I love these people who just keep speaking in my head and begging me to tell their stories and share them with others.

So what inspires you?

I think love inspires me. I have a heart that just wants to be full of love that people find with each other. I use a lot of my own dreams in my stories as well as poach a bit from friends that have been comfortable enough and brave enough to share what makes their lives so fulfilling. If I had the power, there wouldn’t be a soul on this planet that didn’t feel loved and respected by their significant other.

Listening to readers also inspires me. I am always honored to hear from people who have enjoyed my offerings and like to hear what they think and what they would like to read more about. It humbles me when the readers tell me that they love my characters almost as much as I do.

What were the challenges you faced (research, literary, psychological, and logistical) in bringing your latest book to life?

Hmmm, this is a tough question. I have become a huge fan of Google and do quite a bit of research on-line. I have also found that fellow authors are more than willing to offer a guiding hand as to where to go to discover exactly what society was like in bygone eras. I admit, I love spending time researching and discovering things I had never even thought about investigating. As an example, I recently was led to a website that discussed how specific ‘punishment’ garments were used way back when. I think one of the greatest challenges any author faces to to write the best story they can while trying to maintain the correctness of the era they are writing about. However, I’m quick to beg for forgiveness when I get something wrong – after all, my books are pure fantasy and not fact-based non-fiction books. 

What books have influenced your writing most?

Oh, my. Let’s see – I have read for as long as I can remember and read all different genres. I reread books and even complete series that stir my imagination and my heart. I adored Jean Auel’s series simply because it brought answers about how men and women begin their lives on earth and all the things it discusses on what clothing, tools, food, etc. was used back when people lived in caves. I think that series had me learning how to do research and how much authencity can bring to my own books. I also love mysteries, horror stories, sappy romances that make me cry and, yes, erotica. My favorite activity to relax is to curl up in a big comfy chair, dressed in my favorite pajamas, drink a cup of coffee or tea and find myself in a world where men and women discover a deep love that is enhanced by a bit of discipline and, of course, great sex.

How did you come up with your title?

Some titles just seem to pop into my head and others are a true struggle. I may change a book’s title a dozen times before I can sit back and say ‘that’s it’. I try to have the title reflect what my reader will find inside the book they have been gracious enough to purchase. “Homecoming”, my latest release was a bit of a struggle as I wanted readers to know that Lucy was going home to Hunter’s Ridge. I tried several titles until I realized that the single word told the story.

Did you include any experiences based on someone you know, or events in your own life?

I have included a bit of my own life in some of my stories. I have put some of my favorite activities in my books such as camping, horse back riding, playing in the outdoors, reading, writing and spending time with people I love. I believe that every person has memories or experiences that can be shared and appreciated by others. As I mentioned before, I’ve had a few brave friends give me permission to use bit of their own experiences as well. I think that if an author uses their own emotions about certain things, be it a sad event or a happy one, the words on the page come to life in a far more pleasing way.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

My advice is to write what you feel. Do not worry about what another person thinks you should write or feel. Write what is in your heart and your soul. Even if some of what you write will always remain private, the more you write and share your feelings, the better writer you will become. If you love science fiction – go for it. If you love what is lovingly called ‘bodice busters’ – go for it. If you find yourself gravitating towards books containing erotica, then, go for it. Don’t try to force yourself into a direction that your heart is fighting as the final product won’t only not please yourself, it won’t please your readers. I would encourage anyone to give it a try. If you write and realize that you are smiling, laughing out loud, arguing or even crying as your fingers fly across the keyboard, then, you, my friend, are an author.

A great secret to being an author is that you do not have to do it alone. There are wonderfully supportive people out there in the publishing world who offer editing, cover art, and, yes – advice. I’ll let you in on a secret – no matter how many times I go through one of my books before submitting it, no matter how much I would be willing to wager than there are no mistakes – there are always errors. I have high praise for editors as they are the ones who work so hard to make the author’s work shine. I’ve learned a lot working with editors and have learned that it is not only okay to ask for help from that source, sending out a plea to fellow writers always gets me over that bump or what is referred to as “writer’s block”. And, don’t worry about being ‘finished’ – Once I send a book in, I am instantly thinking, oh, I could have said this, my hero could have done that – I promise, you will never find yourself satisfied with every single book. However, you can just let those thoughts lead you to write the next, then the next and the next. Best advice – if you are aching to write, then just put your butt into the seat and write!

Homecoming by Maggie Ryan (Hunter's Ridge Book 2)
Lord and Lady Huntington step off the train where they spent their honeymoon. As they say goodbye to their new friends, Lord and Lady Northbridge, Emmie attempts to assure Lucy that everyone will love her just as much as she does. Lucy is both excited and terrified as their carriage draws them ever closer to Hunter’s Ridge where she will finally meet Lucas’ family. An accident on the road does nothing to soothe her shattered nerves until her husband promises that he will always be there, always protect her, and always love her. She has learned so much at his hands during their short marriage as he patiently teaches her what he expects both from his wife and from his special Little one.

The size and magnificence of his family estates overwhelm her but she finds comfort in the warm, loving welcome of his family. Molly, her nanny, has learned a great deal as well and assures Lucy that all will be fine as she begins her life at Hunter’s Ridge. Lucy might have believed her if it hadn’t been for one person. Lucinda, the governess, doesn’t hesitate to let Lucy know that she is unwanted. She makes it her duty to assure that Lucy’s time spent as Mistress of Hunter’s Ridge is short. Lucy’s fears overwhelm her when she believes her husband is oblivious to Lucinda’s actions. Will he remember his promise to protect her? Will he remember he swore that she would be safe and loved among the people who occupied Hunter’s Ridge? Can she trust him as he continues her lessons in both discipline and passion or will she find that the dual paths she vowed to take only lead to heartbreak. This is the second book in the series, Hunter’s Ridge. It is a Victorian based age-play novel that contains discipline as well as explicit sexual scenes. If harsh discipline, age-play elements including anal play, or sexual acts offend you, please do not purchase this book. If you enjoy reading about the intense love and discoveries of possibilities of two people as they continue their journeys together, I hope my book brings you pleasure.

Lucy’s Journey Home by Maggie Ryan (Hunter’s Ridge Book 1)
While this is the first book in the Hunter’s Ridge series, it can also be considered the continuation of the series, Women of Wintercrest. In this book, Lucy and her new husband, Lord Lucas Huntington, are taking their honeymoon trip on a train to his ancestral home. Lucy and her new nanny, Molly, are both excited but also a bit nervous about leaving the known safety of Wintercrest Manor.

Lucas doesn’t allow a single moment for Lucy to forget her place as his special child-bride. He knows it is important that his feisty little bride understand the vow she made to fulfill both of her roles. Her lessons begin in both passion as well as discipline under his unfaltering hands. Under his tutelage, Lucy learns that though her bottom will most definitely ache under her husband’s discipline, he is never hesitant to assure her of his love every single moment. He reminds her that she is his heart, his life and his love.

We meet Lord Stefan Northbridge and his only special child-bride, Emmie, on the train and the two young brides instantly become friends, sharing a connection that only those living the dynamic could possibly understand. Molly is extremely grateful to find a mentor in Emmie’s nanny, Bertha, learning how to move past her old role as Lucy’s lady’s maid to become the strict but loving nanny that the little girl inside of Lucy desperately craves. The journey is full of surprises and by the time the train pulls into the station, Lucy wants nothing more than the journey to continue.

Designed for Submission by Maggie Ryan (Divine Designs Book 1)
Elizabeth was determined not to let her fears keep her in the past. She has worked on a dream of building a special place, one that offers so much to the special people who share her desire for submission. Co-owner in a fledgling company, Divine Designs, with her best friend, Nancy, sets her on the path to realizing her dream. Both are strong, successful women who feel the need to submit to the men they love.

Witnessing an erotic scene outside a popular restaurant awakens Elizabeth. Though she and her friends enjoy playing in local, erotic clubs, Elizabeth knows she has always held back, never fully sharing an important part of her soul. When she comes face to face with the man from the restaurant, the memory of the limousine causing her heart to pound, she begins to hope that he might be the man that can set her free from the phobia that has held her captive for so long.

Can he not only teach her to fly but also the freedom that such flight brings? Will she not only realize her dream but learn that it means far more if she can open her heart and share it with the people she loves? This book is about journeys that are not only unexpected, but offer paths to places that were never considered.

A Submissive’s Dream
by Maggie Ryan (Divine Designs Book 2)
Elizabeth and Logan’s story continues in the 2nd book of the Divine Design series. In, A Submissive’s Dream, they welcome their friends and family to come to the site that will become Haven – the hotel of Elizabeth’s dream. Barbara, Logan’s recently divorced sister is the only holdout on believing that Haven can really be successful as a place where such lifestyles are accepted. When she accuses Elizabeth of having no voice of her own and accuses her brother of awful things, she discovers that Logan’s friend, Craig, is not only the most incredible cowboy she has ever met, he has absolutely no hesitation in flipping her over his lap and spanking her bottom for her cynical, uncooperative attitude. When he tells her that she will come to him and ask him to finish her spanking, this time without the protection of her jeans, she is not only outraged, she finds herself intrigued.

Partnered with Craig during the weekend, she finds she not only is having fun for the first time in years as they work side by side, this large cowboy is also a chef and makes her feel small and feminine – something she hasn’t felt since she was a small child. Can she forget that she is an attorney and let go of her need to control every aspect of her life? Will she admit that she’s been fantasizing about being taken care of for years? Can Craig convince her that he not only wants to have a relationship with the incredible woman he’s met, but dreams of taking care of the vulnerable little girl he sees inside her as well? What does Logan, her extremely protective older brother think about the budding relationship?

The women refuse to let Barbara falter as her walls begin to crumble. She finds herself drawn into their lives, their stories and their unquestioning support. They form a club where they each promise to be there for each other. No question, no concern, no fear can’t be discussed among the HOPEFULs.

A Submissive’s Dream is about more than the building of a hotel, more than just women who have chosen to submit to their Doms. It is a book about a very special group of people who know that all lifestyles are unique, all can bring incredible happiness. Trust is a gift as is the unconditional love of family and friends if only you are willing to let go and follow your dreams.

Monday, August 18, 2014

#AuthorSpotlight~ @ReneeRose, Yes Doctor

Getting Kinky in the Exam Room:  <i>Yes, Doctor</i> by Darling Adams


When Dr. Darren Drake catches his Certified Nurse Assistant smoking behind the clinic and gushing on the phone about him, he decides she requires punishment: an embarrassing examination including anal play. Playing around with an employee opens him up for sexual harassment charges or getting kicked out of his practice, but when Chloe asks for more, he just can’t resist.

Despite working in an OB/Gyn clinic, Chloe hates doctors. Their know-it-all God-playing rubs her the wrong way—until the man she refers to as Dr. Dreamy shows her giving up control might fulfill fantasies of submission she never knew she had. He seems to enjoy torturing her in the most delicious ways, but he also reduces her to stammers and blushes, which makes it hard to get to know one another. Can he use his dominance to remove all semblance of control, leaving her with no option but to obey and show her true heart?

Publisher’s Note: this short novella contains elements of medical BDSM, including anal punishment, spanking and erotic sex scenes.


He trailed a hand up her calf, along her thigh to her ass, where he delivered a gentle slap. “Excellent muscle tone,” he observed and slapped the other side.
“Thank you, doctor,” she murmured.
“Give me your wrists,” he said.
She pleaded with her eyes as she raised her arms above her head to extend her wrists to him. She trusted he wouldn’t harm her, but being trussed up like a chicken was definitely out of her comfort zone.
He wound another length of surgical tubing around them and knotted it, then secured it to a knob on the head of the bed immobilizing her. Lying on her breasts without the support of her arms was  uncomfortable and she winced, shifting.
He pulled another dressing gown from the bin and rolled it into a ball. Lifting her shoulder, he tucked it under her chest, peeling her sternum and shoulders away from the bed to take the pressure off.
“Thank you,” she breathed.
He gave her another wink and she turned to mush. Who was she kidding? He could do anything he wanted with her.
He picked up his chart again with a pen poised over it. “Today we’re going to examine your time to orgasm. What would you say is the fastest you’ve ever hit climax?”
She giggled into the crinkly paper of the exam table.  “I don’t know...five minutes?”
He jotted it down. “And the longest?”
“Well, sometimes I don’t reach it, so what’s that? Never?”
“With manual stimulation or intercourse?”
He stroked a hand down the muscles of her back, his touch light but warm, igniting shivers of excitement through her entire body. She was almost trembling by the time his palm crested her right buttock. “In some positions the clitoris does not receive stimulation during coitus, making it difficult to reach orgasm.” His fingers trailed between her legs, brushing lightly over her sex. Though the touch was feather light, she jerked in response, gasping as a bolt of lightning shot to her toes.
“Do you ever have trouble with manual stimulation?” One finger glided over her honeyed slit, spreading her natural lubrication. She arched her back, pushing her sex against his finger, begging for more. “Miss Jones?” he prompted, his finger still exploring with the lightest of contact.
“Uh…” She trembled with need, her entire body beginning to shiver.
“Do you have trouble with manual stimulation?”
“No! Never,” she gasped.
“Good. Let’s just test it,” he said, removing his fingers.
She gave a whimper of protest.
He left her side and went to the cupboard, returning with a thermometer. “I’m just going to see when and if your temperature rises during stimulation.”
She lifted her head and opened her mouth, obediently.
“Oh no,” he chuckled. “This isn’t for your mouth, Miss Jones.”

About the Author:

Darling Adams is a naughty author who loves writing about hot alpha males, Dominance/submission and power exchanges. She also writes spanking romance under the name Renee Rose.

Renee Rose
Erotic Romance Author

No romance story is complete without a spanking!