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Kallista Dane, His to Command

AJ shuddered. Her skin already tingled from the unfamiliar touch of the High Priest’s huge hands running up her bare legs. The fingers of the soldier on her left tightened convulsively around her shoulder as he stared at her half-naked body. The General remained at the foot of the table, just behind the High Priest and off to one side, his position obviously chosen to give him a clear view of what would happen next. She closed her eyes, unwilling to see their faces as they witnessed whatever humiliation was in store for her.

The High Priest leaned forward between her legs. Using both hands, he spread apart her vaginal opening. Her eyes snapped open.  His fingertips were hot and rough against the silken folds that had never been touched by a man. AJ tried to clench her legs together, but he wedged his upper arms and broad shoulders between her thighs, forcing them apart. 

He looked up at her. His eyes narrowed. Then, slowly, he slid one long thick finger inside her, watching her face the entire time.


His To Command

When Amanda Jane Norris sets out on an undercover mission to infiltrate the ranks of a rogue general on the planet of Neodyma, a world which has turned its back on modern technology, she has complete confidence in her ability to complete her task. But then things go terribly wrong…

Captured by the power-mad general, Amanda’s ordeal begins with a thorough, intimate physical examination which leaves her both utterly humiliated and helplessly aroused. Her body’s intense response to the embarrassing procedure ensures that she will be sent to join the harem the general provides for his men, but only after she is punished for her failed attempt at espionage. After a long, hard spanking in the public square, Amanda is fitted with the red tail of a harlot and prepared for her training.

She is given first to Kaden, a warrior on a secret errand of his own. He quickly proves more than willing to compel her submission with a firm hand applied to her bare bottom, but his plans for her are very different from the general’s. When Amanda first experiences the intense pleasure that a man’s mastery of her body can bring, it is unlike anything she has felt before, and though it fills her with shame she is left begging for more. But can she afford to risk asking for Kaden’s help bringing down the general?



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Kallista’s Bio

Like my ancestor Scheherezade, I cannot sing or dance or paint. I have but one talent. I am a weaver of words. I love to tell stories of strong women and the even stronger men who suddenly show up in their lives when they expect it least and need it most.

As a little girl I was afraid to take risks. But when I grew up, I vowed never to let the thrills in life pass me by because of fear. Since then, I’ve walked on the Great Wall of China, gone scuba diving in underwater caves, and skied a black diamond run in Vail. But the greatest risk I’ve taken is sharing my naughtiest secret fantasies in the books I write.

Kallista, what specific thing have you done that impressed yourself.
I grew up uncoordinated and lousy at sports. So for me my biggest accomplishment was skiing China Bowl in Vail, a black diamond run, after I learned to ski in my 30’s. It was exhilarating! 

Kallista’s Blog http://kallistadane.blogspot.com/

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Meet Thor and Viola Morne, Author of How to Rescue Rapunzel

I don't know how she wrangled the man into it, but Viola Morne has Thor (of How to Rescue Rapunzel) here for an interview. Not only are you in for that treat but she is also giving away a $10.00 Blushing Books Gift Certificate. All you have to do is send the answer to the super sneaky easy question below to Viola. See the details below.

But you better see what Thor is willing to share before you go.

Interviewer: Joining me today is Thor Ericson, the hero of How to Rescue Rapunzel by Viola Morne. Thor, thanks for coming in.

Thor: It is my pleasure, madam.

Interviewer: So, you’re an archaeologist. That sounds kind of dry.

Thor: Not the way I do it. Consider Indiana Jones, rather than the members of Time Team. Remember, Ms. Morne does refer to me as dashing.

Interviewer: Are you really?

Thor: (blushes) Well, Ms. Morne does call me “a Norse god come to earth.”

Interviewer: (clears throat) All right. Now, tell me about your latest trip to Egypt. I understand you and your wife encountered some problems out there in the desert.

Thor: (with feeling) More than you could imagine. You see, years ago I found a map to a lost tomb. Once Mrs. Pringle, the marriage broker, fixed up my wedding to Lady Angelica Saxon, it gave me the funds to follow my dream.

Interviewer: So you found what you were looking for?

Thor: I found much more. I did locate the tomb, and we were threatened by a scoundrel, but I also found the love of my life.

Interviewer: That would be your wife?

Thor: Yes, Angelica is the wife of my heart, though the marriage began as one of convenience. She’s a bit of handful, but I discovered how to keep things in line.

Interviewer: Care to share?

Thor: (winks) It turns out my wife enjoys a good spanking, and so do I.

Interviewer: Any words about your wife’s first husband, Sir Gerard Saxon?

Thor: (scowls) That blackguard! He treated her badly and then kept a diary of what he’d done.

Interviewer: Sounds kinky--and kind of hot.

Thor: No comment.

Interviewer: Well, that’s all the time we have today. Thanks again for coming in.

Thor: My thanks, madam, for a delightful conversation.

How to Rescue Rapunzel Contest

Send an email to violamorne@outlook.com, correctly identifying Thor’s hair color, by May 31, 2015 in order to enter a random draw for a $10 gift certificate from Blushing Books. Happy reading!

How to Rescue Rapunzel

A beautiful widow imprisoned in a tower. 
A dashing archaeologist searching for ancient treasure.
 When Lady Angelica Saxon is locked up in a lunatic asylum by her unscrupulous brother-in- law, she almost despairs. Until Mrs. Pringle, the marriage broker, finds Angelica a new husband to rescue her.
 Thor Ericson is a scholar who dreams of traveling to Egypt in search of a lost tomb. All he needs is money. A marriage of convenience with the wealthy Lady Saxon is the answer to his prayers, but there’s a problem.
 Angelica’s first husband trained her to crave pain with her pleasure. Thor finds his beautiful wife irresistible. He doesn’t want to be her master, but her unusual passions incite his own.
 As they travel from England’s green shores to the burning sands of Egypt, Angelica and Thor complete a journey of discovery about each other. Every mile draws them closer together, but their secrets threaten to tear them apart. 
When danger threatens from all sides, and Angelica vanishes, Thor must conquer his ambition and follow his heart if he wants to save his wife. Or will he be too late?

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Burning Desire by Ravyn Rayne

Burning Desire

Federal Agent Chronicles #1

Ravyn Rayne

Saving people is FBI Agent Kaitlyn Rivers drug of choice. That’s not the only thing she loves about her job. The sexual tension is mounting between Kaitlyn and her alpha boss, Agent Joel Connor.

Assigned into an undercover operation to stop a serial child abductor with the pathetic Cole Sommers, Kaitlyn is silently thrilled when Cole is forced off the case and Joel steps in.

Intense romance, steamy sex scenes, and a nail-gripping case that will attract fans of crime dramas and thrillers. This action-packed erotica is sure to leave you pleased three times over!

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“Louder,” Joel says, his voice husky and thick. He is in control and he’s reminding me

every second of it.

I exhale a heavy breath. “I’ll do whatever you want, Joel. I submit to you.”

“Good girl,” he teases me and guides me onto my back. His eyes move down my body, staring down at my breasts pushing through my shirt.

I grow restless and my hands reach for my own body to touch myself if he won't do it.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Owning His Bride by Sue Lyndon

Owning His Bride by Sue Lyndon

After enduring the first two years of a life sentence for a crime she didn’t commit, there is one thing Becca fears more than spending the rest of her days behind bars. When their five-year terms of service on the frozen prison planet of Kemmius are up, guards are allowed to choose a bride from among the prisoners, and the warden himself has set his sights on her.

Hunter has hated the warden from the moment he met him, and he’ll be damned if he is going to let the vile man have a sweet, beautiful girl like Becca. Not when his own term as a guard is almost up and he’ll have the chance to claim her first and make her his own.

Following a thorough, humiliating medical exam—standard procedure to ensure a potential bride’s suitability as a mate—Becca finds herself bound to Hunter forever as both his wife and his property. While her new husband quickly proves to be nothing like the cruel warden, he is still a man who expects to be obeyed, and she soon learns that defiance will be dealt with firmly.

Though she is left blushing each time Hunter bares her bottom for a sound spanking—and sometimes for other, more intimate punishments—what truly shames Becca is the way her body responds to his dominance. But even as her feelings for Hunter grow stronger and her future seems brighter than it has in many years, Becca cannot help wondering if she will ever truly be free of the chains of the past.

“What is your name?” he asked.


“That’s a pretty name.”

She flushed. “Thank you, sir.”

His visage reflected sadness, as if he regretted what he must do. Except that wasn’t possible. None of the guards seemed to harbor any pity for the women who were incarcerated on this Godforsaken planet.

“Did you really not clean the tables properly?”

Becca’s eyes went wide and she looked down, even though he continued to hold her chin up. Contradicting the warden wasn’t wise, even if his reason to whip her was entirely manufactured. “That is correct, sir. I failed to wipe all the tables in the cafeteria down. I’m very sorry.”

His eyebrow shot up, and her mouth went dry at his sudden stern demeanor. Did he really want her to confess the truth? It was bad enough that the warden planned to make her his bride.

The warden would check the camera feed later, and if she spoke out against him in any way he would make her pay, even if he had to wait thirty days to exact his revenge.

“I suppose I must punish you then, Becca.” The guard’s expression softened. “However, I feel a whipping as the warden planned is too harsh a punishment.”

Before she could ask what he meant, he clasped her wrist and guided her over his lap. She trembled. Her heart thudded and her face heated. The closeness of his body to hers sent her head into a spin. She soaked up the physical contact, reveling in the feel of his firm thighs shifting beneath her. Tears of relief and even joy threatened to spill from her eyes.

Yes, he was preparing to punish her, but he was holding her, and nothing had ever felt so right in all her life. Since her arrest almost three years ago, she hadn’t felt such a tender touch.

Officer Makin cupped her bottom with a warm hand, moving from cheek to cheek as he caressed the area he would soon spank. Her breath caught and a tingle raced down her spine and heat pulsed in her core. She was suddenly breathless, as if she’d just returned from recreation time after running laps around the gym.

“I think, for an offense as minor as not wiping down the tables, a hand spanking should suffice, don’t you, Becca?”

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Author bio: Sue Lyndon is a multi-published author of erotic BDSM romance and spanking romances. She enjoys a good book in any genre, loves Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, and runs on coffee and chocolate. She also writes “vanilla” sci-fi romance under the name Sue Mercury.

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