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Now, for my little share- what you've undoubtedly come here for. 

Most of you know my Birthday Was in December and I was thrilled with all of the good wishes. But as you know even in non-DD relationships and families there is an American tradition of the "birthday spanking". 

(If you want to skip this very interesting information on Birthday spanking traditions just scroll down until you find the blue text again. That's where my true naughty birthday spanking tale begins again.)

This North American tradition is often seen as a sign of good luck and it is said that it is reminiscent of the way that doctors pat the bottoms of newborn infants to stimulate their bodies into action more quickly.

While they are usually administered to children, the practice is somewhat common, even in areas and communities or among families where corporal punishment is otherwise frowned upon. The spankings, characteristically, are mostly administered in such a fashion that they do not hurt the recipient at all, or if they do, it is usually only a small "sting". With this tradition the birthday recipient, as a general rule, gets spanked on his or her buttocks the same number of times as the number of years they have been alive, often with a final, extra spank administered as "one to grow on".
Now what I thought was interesting is that no one is for sure whether this tradition is as stated above relating to the way doctors smack the babies or all of the other birthday spanking customs in the world.

There are many rituals or traditions which involve spanking. For example, on the first day of the lunar Chinese new year holidays, a week-long 'Spring Festival', the most important festival for Chinese people all over the world, thousands of Chinese visit the Taoist Dong Lung Gong temple in Tungkang to go through the century-old ritual to get rid of bad luck, men by receiving spankings and women by being whipped, with the number of strokes to be administered (always lightly) by the temple staff being decided in either case by the god Wang Ye and by burning incense and tossing two pieces of wood, after which all go home happily, believing their luck will improve.

On Easter Monday, there is a Slavic tradition of hitting girls and young ladies with woven willow switches (Czech: pomlázka; Slovak: korbáč) and dousing them with water.

In Slovenia, there is a jocular tradition that anyone who succeeds in climbing to the top of Mount Triglav receives a spanking or birching.

According to Ovid's Fasti (ii.305), during the ancient Roman festival of the Lupercalia naked men ran through the streets of the city, carrying straps with which they swatted the outstretched palms of the hands of women lining the racecourse who wished to become pregnant.

At Shrove Sunday in Denmark, children spank their parents awake with switches.

In aviation, is a tradition that after its first flight, a pilot receive as "baptism" a kick in the hips.

Now, do you want to go a little farther in my research with me? 

"The Bumps", a birthday torment common in countries such as the U.K., Ireland, Canada, and India, involves the friends and family of the person whose birthday it is taking him or her by the arms and legs, and "bumping" him/her up into the air and down onto the floor. The number of "bumps" given equals the age of the person in years plus one "for luck". Usually "the Bumps" are administered only to children, in part because as people grow up they become too heavy for the process. Sometimes bumps are also referred to kicks where the person celebrating their birthday is held by their arms and legs and their friends kick them. This practice is often disapproved by a lot of people with regards to health and safety concerns. Often due to purposes of excessive drinking, sickness or other extenuating circumstances, birthday bumps are postponed to an agreed upon future date.

In French-speaking Canada and the U.S. "birthday punches" are given in a similar fashion, where the person whose birthday it is being punched a number of times equal to his/her age, often with one additional punch "for luck". In Brazil, Hungary, Argentina, Italy, and other countries, the person has his/her earlobes pulled. The Hungarian tradition also involves at the same time as pulling the earlobes wishing the person a happy birthday or reciting a rhyme whose English translation is "God bless you, live so long so your ears reach your ankles."

In Israel, part of the birthday celebration for a child in kindergarten is to lift the decorated chair that the child sits on into the air several times, once for each year of the child's age, plus "one for the next year".

In Venezuela, a widespread custom is to attempt the pushing of the person's face into the birthday cake when they blow out the candles. This frequently destroys the cake.

A fairly common observance is for birthday "spankings," "slaps," "hits," "bumps" and other such good-natured torments generally administered to the birthday celebrant to "roll over" for exactly one week's time if not administered in the 24 hour period of the actual birthday, thus affording persons whom the celebrant did not encounter on their birthday the opportunity to also indulge in the custom.

Birthday punches are administered throughout the day, but if the "birthday boy" hides from the punches, one final punch is allowed to be given.

Now, aren't you glad you have learned all of this useless information?

Well, if you are still with me, I've a tale to tell... It will have to be a secret between you and me because it has some intimate nature to it and I'm afraid if Dev finds out I've shared, I may be in some trouble. 

Now, many have asked "How do you find privacy for spanking when you have so many kids?" 

As it happened on the day of my birthday our oldest children had an event to go to so while my sweet Dev was dropping them off, I was enjoying the quiet in a long bubble bath... And as that goes, the warmth, and my wet naked body... I had some very naughty thoughts. 

So when Dev came home I slipped out of the tub and out to him. I whispered that he should put a movie in for our younger children in the farthest room from our bedroom and he could come give me a "good girl birthday spanking".

"Later tonight," was his reply, and I pouted and stomped into our room. 
He followed me and said, "I don't want to have to hurry; we have to pick up the older children in twenty minutes."

I corrected him that we still had an hour and twenty minutes, but I was sure at that point that he just didn't want to waste his time on me. And by this time  I'd managed to cover my body with my ugliest sweats, ragged tee-shirt, and zipped sweatshirt, even furry slippers. 

He'd turned his back on me momentarily (while I was piling on as much clothes as I could and was still clarifying the timing issue.) when he came back he laid 3, (yes, three) paddles on the bed and told me to take my pick. Then he sat on the chest at the foot of my bed and told me to get my clothes off.

"No, that's okay... I'm not in the mood now." I gulped.

"I am. Get your clothes off." He reached behind him  and dragged the paddles closer. I started dancing from foot to foot and really regretting the whole, sexy birthday spanking idea altogether. 

"No, really..."

"Yes, really. Strip." The look he was giving me was similar to the one he gave me when he starts to count and when he starts to count- well it's added to my rear... 

I started to strip.

"Which one do you want?" he offered again, turning to the selection behind him. 

"None!" Sexy spankings are with his hand!

"Your shirt too, come on. Naked. Let's go." He barked when he saw my progress which equated to my slippers and my pants. I quickly pulled my sweatshirt and tee-shirt over my head together. I could tell his patience was wearing thin. "These too." He slipped my panties down. "Which paddle?"

"None!" Did he think I was stupid? No girl in their right mind commits to a paddle. 

"Okay, if you won't pick then you get all three." He whipped me over his lap. 

I grabbed the corner of the chest and hung on tight. "Warm-up!" I half-reminded, half-begged him. I was expecting him to drop that paddle down crazy-like...

Dev likes to put me over his lap in this awkward position. It's nice because I'm not hanging down with my face on the floor. The chest is as wide as our bed and very sturdy. So if he sits on the one side of it and I lay across his lap, then the top half of my body lies across the rest of the chest. It's the bottom half I don't like. See- for some reason Dev likes to pull me over just his left thigh, and his knee divides my legs. Then if I start fighting he uses his other leg to hold me. (That I really don't have a problem with, I like that security) It's the fact that my legs are parted and well- my legs are parted...

Anyway when his hand started falling... Delivering a delicious sting and exploring... Well, you can imagine that I was wiggling for a different reason than the spanking. But then he stood and moved around the bed to the side and nudged me to bend over. This is a position I don't like at all. Nothing good ever comes out of being bent over the bed when your man has a paddle or three near him. 

When I saw him reaching for the paddle and I had thought, (hoped) he had been teasing me; my stomach turned to soup and my knees too. I reached backward to cover my butt. (Yeah, you know how that worked, right?) I don't even know what happened to my hands, if I moved them again or if he did. 

But before the paddle fell I heard his teasing voice. "How old are you?"

"Oh God, you can't!" 

And he did, but it was different. I never would have believed it, but even though the swaps were stinging and uncomfortable- they weren't killing me. Oh and he stopped at five-

- And flipped me over- and his tongue felt cool where I was hot. But only long enough to tease me...

Because we had a long way to go. I'm over thirty you see, and only five had been delivered.

Then it was a different paddle he chose, one I hated. But wondering about his tongue again helped me to focus. And five more were soon over.

After the third round he changed it up wanting to be inside me. 

But we had many more creative rounds.

And by the time he was done- the spanking I mean... 

I couldn't stand. My legs were like over-cooked noodles, my bottom like a bald man's sun-burnt head and my birthday- the best in thirty-something years. 

I wish you the best next year too.

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  1. Lucky you, I am going to read this to my hubby, we don't have this tradition over here... yet!
    love Jan.xx

    1. Awe, maybe you should be a trend setter and start the tradition over there ;)
      Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are enjoying the hop!

  2. OOOHHHH! You are so gonna be in troublllleeeee..... But that was a good story! Happy Belated Birthday!

    1. Where ya been, friend? Yes, I'm kind of hoping he'll find out if the spanking is anything like that one ;)

  3. I do still get birthday spankings!! Great story!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Brittany. I'm glad you enjoyed and it's nice to meet you too!

  4. No I don't but after hearing your story I wish I did! You are one lucky lady! Hope you had a great birthday!

    1. Oh it was a pretty nice birthday, Amy. I'm thinking about sharing my New Year's spanking next... that wasn't as delightful... grrr. Anyway thanks for dropping in. It's so nice to see new faces- um names.. friends. I like meeting new friends. :)

  5. Very interesting info on the history of the birthday spanking tradition.

    What a wonderful story. Very nice, lucky you :) So with you on choosing a paddle! Birthday spankings don't tend to happen here.

    Belated Happy Birthday and Happy New Year! Wishing you the very best in 2014.


  6. Okay, now couldn't you have shared this before my birthday? I am even older than you by quite a few and that sounds like a lot of fun. Happy Belated Birthday

  7. Ooh, I'm green with envy after reading your hot story as birthday spankings are not a tradition here but I had heard of them before. The bumps on the other hand are. They might sound barbarous, but boy were they fun, a lot like old fashioned swinging boats. Unfortunately that too is a tradition that has died out and I don't think any of my kids have ever experienced the birthday bumps.

  8. Very spicy, indeed. Sounds like a great birthday.

  9. And yes, I got 41 of them after the kids left for school. I think we even have the same birthday.

  10. Oh birthdays - I wonder how many women have used a birthday to introduce the idea of spanking. I hope those that are thinking about it read this first and maybe print it off for their fellow. Great story.

  11. No more bday spankings for me - guess I'm too old. But it was interesting to read what other cultural traditions spanking is seen in! ghwasd at gmail dot com

  12. nope. No birthday spankings. :(

    lacrimsonfemme at gmail dot com

  13. I have been the recipient of a birthday spanking or two...many years ago. I think that I love your version! I believe I will share this with hubs. I have one coming soon!
    Be-lated Happy Birthday!

  14. Great tale - Good for Dev, such a tease.

  15. Canada has birthday punches or birthday bumps?! I'll take the spanking instead. A personal story was a good touch.

  16. We do the bumps, but only till they are about 12!
    He's never done birthday spanks....yet!

  17. this whole post was wonderful! I loved the educational stuff and the spanking- woohoo at legs like overcooked noodles :D

  18. Birthday spankings are always fun. I bet Dev finds out before you can say Happy Birthday to me. Maybe it will be even money that you tell him yourself. Lucky, lucky girl.

  19. Who knew there were so many spanking traditions? I do get birthday spankings, but not every year.


  20. Wonderful story! I really enjoyed learning about the traditions as well:) Thanks for sharing!

  21. Way, so much information. Loved the story. No birthday spankings here but they sound like fun.

  22. Weve never done birthday spankings before, but I think we will. I love all your info here. :)

  23. Loved the history and cultural lesson, and the story was great. I LOVE birthday spankings. Except I get mine AND his. Not sure how fair that is!

  24. A "bald man's sun-burnt head"? That's a vivid description!
    I've not been birthday spanked, paddled, slapped, or punched in decades! LOL.
    capefearlibn at gmail dot com

  25. Thanks for sharing the history of birthday spankings. Oh and hope Dev doesn't read this. ;)

    Cat catsbrighteyes at gmail dot com

  26. Great post, Pooky. I learned something, and then I laughed. I guess it's a good thing Dev doesn't read your blog, although I suspect you've already told him what you did as he's read it and laughed, too. You're a lucky girl, and your hubby clearly adores you.

  27. Very informative post followed by a very entertaining one. Sounds like you had the best birthday ever!

  28. LOVED the story. I don't get birthday spankings but I'm thinking I am going to share this story! ;)

    tammyfaris1966 at gmaildotcom

  29. Hmmm a birthday spanking may be a good way to breach the subject with my non spanko

  30. Oh my gosh that was delicious! Thank you for sharing, Patty! I do still enjoy and receive birthday spankings! It's been a tradition I have really enjoyed bringing from my pre-spanko & DD days into the present.

  31. Great birthday tradition and story. I remember as a kid my french teacher was given the bumps, 26 of them. She was very small.

  32. I love birthday spanking stories...thanks for sharing, Patty! LOL I remember being so so embarrassed in school once when I got a birthday spanking in front of the whole class. I nearly died LOL. authorsuelyndon at

  33. Great post!
    LOL, not only did I get my own birthday spanking this past summer, I got my husband's spanking for his birthday in December.

    If anyone else wants to give them up, I will take them!

    KatherineDeane 40 at gmail dot com

  34. Still laughing at 'legs were like over cooked noodles' LOL

    Birthday spankings should be mandatory!

  35. birthday spankings-yes

  36. Wow. Just wow. I've been getting cheated on the birthday spankings around here...

  37. I only recently learned of the birthday spankings ritual but I'm psyched to now be super educated about them. Thanks Patty! Hope your new year is off to a great start.

  38. We love birthday spankings here! Nothing exciting though, just the usual birthday swats. Thanks for the educational part and enjoyed the story too!

  39. tsk tsk tsk, you should have known if you didn't pick a paddle he would want to use all three. Come on, Patty! Great story.

  40. We always did the spanking tradition in our house. The kids looked forward to it! Funny ya gotta wonder how it started. Glad you got your spanking and one to grow on!!

  41. A good birthday spanking for you!

  42. I wouldnt say that was useless info. Its was definitely interesting! Thanks for sharing! And thanks for sharing your story! Happy birthday to YOU! :D My family really never did the birthday spankings.


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