Friday, June 19, 2015

A Little Wish Upon a Star by Amazon Bestselling author Breanna Hayse

A mysterious message in a bottle... A little wish upon a star for a life of love and acceptance... A love that transcends time and space, filled with healing, hope and mystery.... And a bottom that seems to spend an awful lot of time over the lap of a very loving, but also very strict, handsome alien man who wishes to be called 'Daddy'...

Mesethius is blessed with position, power, intelligence, great looks, very unusual (and popular) anatomical attributes that him the ability to meet ALL a woman's physical needs like no human man can. 

 NASA test pilot Lt. Tabitha Gold is finally achieving her lifelong ambition to go into outer space. A fluke accident sends Tabby's ship hurtling out of orbit, giving Seth the opportunity to come to her rescue and take her as his own. She awakens in his protective arms and calmed by his warm voice, leaving her to wonder if she is experiencing space psychoses.

But no, he is as real as the amazing planet he takes her to; as real as the way he awakens her body to sensuality and fulfilled desires; and as real as the painful discipline she requires to learn valuable lessons about obedience and safety. He also gives her what she has always longed for; a caring, attentive Daddy, who brings out the scared little girl within and gives her the strength to conquer the demons of her past and learn to trust her future.

Can Seth use love, devotion, lust and discipline to break down Tabby's guard and teach her to trust in the power of love? Will she gain the courage and confidence to not only face her biggest adversary but also submit to a partner who not only sees in her a potential mate, but also a little girl who needs to be cherished, adored and even taken in hand by a loving Daddy?

Best-selling author of the science-fiction fantasy Skylar's Guardians and Moving A Little Heart, Breanna Hayse, brings you this action-packed, loving tale of what could happen if we take just a little time to Wish Upon a Star...

This story contains spanking, anal play, age-play, submission and other strong erotic elements. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book.


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