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Featured Event: Passionate Pen Conference

By Kat @ARe on June 22nd, 2015


This week we’re thrilled to feature the Passionate Pen Conference! If you’re an aspiring author and looking for book/writing events to attend, we invite you to learn more about this event happening this August.

What is the Passionate Pen Conference?

The Passionate Pen is a conference for aspiring writers and published authors to commune for a series of workshops.  There are also two social events open to the public! (registration required)

Is this a writer only conference or is it for readers as well?

Readers, fans, friends, spouses, family are welcome to stay at the hotel and are invited to two social events; a welcome reception on Thursday evening at 7:00 pm to officially open the conference weekend and a Sunday “author’s breakfast” to close the event.  The breakfast is specifically aimed at giving readers the opportunity to not only meet, but sit down and eat breakfast with their favourite author.  Some authors will be hosting a table with swag and books for signing.  Whilst everyone is invited, the events require registration and payment from everyone in attendance.

How long has the Passionate Pen Conference been going on?

This is the first, but we plan to continue hosting writer-oriented with fan/friend/family-friendly events each year.

When is the conference and where will it be held?

Pre-conference workshops including ‘Save the Cat’ begins Wednesday 26 August at 9:00 am with Jessica Brody (with limited availability), followed by “Wordpress for Authors” on Thursday 9 – 5pm.  The conference will officially open with a welcome reception at 7:00 pm that evening.  Main workshop sessions are Friday and Saturday 10:00 am – 2:30/3:00 pm with a choice of up to three different workshops to choose from.

What authors will be attending the conference?

We have a variety of aspiring writers, writers who want to write but haven’t started, and published authors who signed up during the early-bird period.  The published authors in attendance across various genres including those that are self-published are:

What can a reader expect out of this conference?

A reader can expect to attend two social events where they get to be face-to-face, chatting with either their favourite authors or hear about new ones.  They will have quality time to mingle and eat with them at the Sunday breakfast, get their books signed and meet other readers.

What can an author expect out of this conference?

No matter where a writer is at with their craft they can expect to learn something new.  With three sessions over the weekend and a choice of up to three to pick from, for example: branding, marketing, world building, genre choosing, do-it-yourself editing and specialist topics like hearing from a real police man about making an arrest and investigation procedures, there is no doubt that everyone will leave with something to add to their writing arsenal.  Not to mention adding new friends and lots of encouragement!

Tell us a bit about your sponsors.

The Passionate Pen is sponsored by Blushing Books and Lazy Day Publishing, but the conference is open to anyone, regardless of their genre or whether or not they’ve even written a single word.  BB and LD wanted to provide a unique conference experience that drew in its readers and provided a place for everyone to get something out of an event usually reserved only for a certain type of author.  Whilst the sponsor is a publisher of a rather niche market, the conference is specifically aimed to receive and equip everyone with what they need to be a great writer and eventually, a great published author.

Please feel free to add any other information you would like the readers to know about.

The Passionate Pen is being organised and run by Bella Bryce, a published author with Blushing Books.  The official website with all of the information including registration, itinerary, workshop sessions (still being added), hotel info is:http://www.blushingconference.com/

Her contact information is conference@blushingbooks.com.  The Passionate Pen can also be found on Facebook! Like our page for information and weekly updates.



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