Friday, June 26, 2015

New this evening... His Good Girl by Dinah McLeod

New this evening...
His Good Girl by Dinah McLeod


Twenty-two-year-old nurse Cara Jones isn't looking for love when she just happens to meet the man of her dreams. But Kevin Sims is everything she's ever wanted; cute, smart, funny, and very much in love with her. His desire to have and maintain a traditional relationship--which includes taking her over his knee when she deserves it--catches her off- guard, but even that is something she feels able to benefit from.

After a whirlwind romance with the handsome, alpha-male chef, Cara is eager and delighted to accept his marriage proposal, and her happiness is further cemented when she meets Kevin's parents and sister. Having only a strained relationship with her own mother, and no other relatives, she's overjoyed at the thought of meeting her future in-laws and joining the Sims family.
Unfortunately, things aren't always what they seem. Kevin has been keeping a big secret, and it's not long before Cara begins to suspect that perhaps they should have waited before getting married. Her new sister-in-law, too, seems determined to drive a wedge between the newlyweds.

Can Cara and Kevin sort out their differences and rediscover their deep mutual love and attraction before it's too late? Will they be able to confront and overcome the circumstances and insecurities forcing them apart? Does Cara have it in her to become Kevin's good girl?

This is the third book in Dinah McLeod's hugely popular 'Old Fashioned Husbands' series.

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New from Mystic Books...
Untamed Passion by Summer Graystone


Camilla has spent her entire life, feeling like there was much more to life than what she'd been experiencing. Her love life was boring and her new roommate was driving her insane talking about it. 

However an unfortunate yet chanced incident brings Zander to her rescue. Could he really be the man of her dreams? Will he teach her exactly how to harness her special shape shifting abilities before it is too late? 
In a story of love, lies and romance Camilla finds herself in the arms of a handsome shape sifting white tiger that will stop at nothing to protect her.

Publisher's Note: "Untamed Passion" is an erotic paranormal romance novella that includes sexual scenes and elements of BDSM. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

Chapter One is available for FREE 
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