Friday, June 19, 2015

New this evening... Little Red Dress by Alisa Eckols

New this evening...
Little Red Dress by Alisa Eckols


Lexi's life was going along just fine, or so she thought... until one day, her college boyfriend, Santiago, showed up in her life and set off a series of life changing events. Benjamin and Lexi have shared a good life together. Both successful in their careers, and living on the San Diego beach, their life was idyllic.


Ben had always been an agreeable, loving, and easy-going man, until that fateful night when he saw Lexi and Santiago together. Things would never be the same between them again. Ben's jealousy erupted in the most bizarre way, and he took Lexi over his knee, giving her a spanking that she would never forget - never wanted to forget!


From that moment on, their life together became exciting and passionate, and they are like star- crossed lovers with a big secret - he loved to spank her, while she longed for his heavy-handed discipline. Follow their journey of discovery and awakening as they delve into the world of spanking, bondage, and discipline, igniting their passions along the way, and turning their ordinary lives into a smoldering and intense love affair.


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Kindred Spirits by Elliott George



He was a decorated war hero. A self made millionaire, after Royalty, the most eleigible man in the Empire.


She was the sister of comrade in arms. Both have the same interests and desires. Aside from a sibling who wishes him ill, and a mother-in-law who would love to thrash him, they become Kindred Spirits.



Chapter One is available for FREE 
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