Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tie a String Around your finger!

"Traditional Love" is going to be featured in the Book Gorilla promo for Sunday.  The regular price is $4.99 but for Sunday &Monday it will be .99 on Amazon.  This is a great chance to read the first book in the series at a great price.



Is finding true love as simple as finding a strong man who spanks?

In hopes that she can rebuild her broken life, Neely moves back to her hometown and becomes roommates with her best friend, Caine. Living together, they soon discover that their feelings go far beyond just friendship. Neely is surprised to learn that Caine believes in spanking as a way of life. He lives and passionately upholds a lifestyle known as Domestic Discipline. He is a man who believes in loving, cherishing and spanking his women.

But can Neely let go and trust in Caine? Can she submit to his way of life and emerge herself in his like minded group of friends? Is Domestic Discipline just what Neely needs? Or will the uncertainty of the lifestyle tear them apart?


Traditional Love by Alta Hensley


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