Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Blushing Books New Releases: Caged by Carolyn Faulkner and The Woman Next Door by Joanne Locker

Below are our newest releases for today, but don't forget that you can save 20% this week (on theBlushing Books website only) by using coupon code 20percent until Thursday evening!


Caged by Carolyn Faulkner

Rachel Hemmingway had come to West Texas to get away from a very bad marriage, and she's succeeded in doing so.

That was, until Cage Lincoln entered her life in a rather violent manner, bullying and dominating her, holding her captive and introducing her to a part of life she would have sworn her abusive husband had ruined for her.

But Cage was hurt and there were men out to kill him, and somehow she ended up back where she'd started - only she was no longer the same women who'd left in the first place.

He'd changed her - for the better. If only she could get him to see that.


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The Woman Next Door by Joanne Locker

Elizabeth had just about had it with her nosy neighbor! The woman had come barreling into her yard, to chop down her burning bush, which she had planted there as a privacy screen from that very neighbor! Their argument escalated to the point that someone had actually called the police. She blamed her temper, which was often getting her into trouble. She was really a nice person, most of the time... but some people - like Mrs. Huffy - just knew how to push her buttons.

Lieutenant Craig Johnson had come to investigate the public disturbance as a favor to an old friend. Mr. Huffy had explained the escalating issues between his wife and the woman next door, and asked the officer to put some fear into the two women before things got out of hand. Both women had valid complaints, but shouting and name-calling wasn't going to solve anything. Craig instructed Mrs. Huffy that the bush in question was not on her property, and that she should go home. Then he turned to the attractive neighbor woman and tried to calm her as well. He got a slap in the face for his effort.

What she needed was a good spanking! He was just the one to give it to her, too. Of course, she'd have to agree to it - so he could threaten to arrest her for assaulting an officer, which would become part of a permanent record. Reluctantly, she agreed to his terms, but before he could administer the good, old-fashioned remedy for attitudes that needed adjusting, he was called away.

"I'll be back," he promised Elizabeth. "And don't even think about running."

She nodded, clearly embarrassed and ashamed. Yet when he returned later, he found her not ready and waiting for her spanking, but unconscious on the kitchen floor! Someone was out to hurt her, and he wouldn't rest until he found out why.


Chapter One is available for FREE
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