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Box Set Flash Sale - These sets will soon be GONE! Medieval Maidens



King Dom Comes: 

Shannon McCleary has a special gift. She's a Banshee, a caller of death. At the age of eight, she finds herself in a convent run by the Sisterhood of Truth- druids who specialize in the magical arts. The sisters have been commissioned by her surrogate father, King Malkai, to train her to control her gifts and raise her to be future Queen of Moldavia- to his son, Domitri. Dom also has a gift- persuasion- through both magic and the palm of his hand. Shannon's rebellious and uncontrolled banshee spirit are no match for her future husband. Persuasion also works in Shannon's favor as her body is introduced to pleasure- and some very unusual surprises; including an evening with Mistress Aida- a seductress with a gift of her own. 


The Lord's Right

: Because of Amber Lawson's mastery of herbs and the ability to out-perform most men in battle, none of the locals in her English village expect her to ever marry. Still, Amber will not be dissuaded from her independent behavior until one day, when dressed as a boy and teasing Norman invaders, she finds herself caught and punished at the hands of their leader! She's carted off by the cruel Piers, the Count de Monteforte, appointed by King William the Conqueror to govern the region. Will he assert the "Lord's Right". and become her master? Or will he be fighting the girl in a battle of wills forever more? 


Lady Templar: 

The covetous Knights Templar spread throughout the Holy Land seeking only for power and wealth. Amity was one of them, the all mighty, blessed by God, Knights Templar. An archer by choice, she was rarely found without her bow at her side and a large supply of arrows at the ready. After turning traitor, she walked away in search of Saladin's army. Although her biggest battle still lay ahead. Could she prove herself as a mighty warrior to the other side? Or when she meets the commander, Malek, can she fight the temptation to be more than just an archer to him? Can the quest for submission in a brutal war-struck desert be Amity's new crusade? 


Conquering Cassia

: When Cassia's father dies unexpectedly, she is sent to live with Lord Alexander Surrey. Upon discovering that Lord Surrey has made plans to find her a suitable husband, Cassia vows secretly to sabotage his every attempt, as she has no desire to leave either Wenham Castle or her beloved guardian. Then she meets Graf Willhelm von Sachsen. He is the first of Cassia's suitors to arouse her interest - and, she soon discovers, the first to stand up to her impudence by tossing her over his lap and giving her a sound spanking. Cassia finds herself unable to stop thinking about the strong, dominant suitor. So when she is given a chance to prove herself worthy of his interest, she promises to do anything it takes. 


His Two Wives:

 New author Marian Blake joins this amazing collection with "His Two Wives." In a forgotten corner of the medieval world, it is the custom for men to take multiple wives. But Druwn can't seem to manage one wife, so why would he? Mikalla is disobedient, razor-tongued, and he suddenly discovers absent from his bed for no good reason. Erin is sweet, quiet and obedient. She'd make a lovely addition to his household, but maybe he had better get a firm hold on Mikalla first... if he can. (Note: originally released as Druwn's Wives.) 

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