Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Free and Sale books for the month of July

Jace's Firecracker by Laurel Joseph

 Gunslinger Jace Cutter is home to take over the running of his father's ranch after the crippling stroke his Daddy suffered. Jace is full of regrets, and is determined to prove that he is Big Joe's son and able run the huge ranch in the manner his Daddy would!


Liberty Sommers is furious that Jace is home and due to inherit the ranch after putting his father through the hell of worrying about him daily for the last eight years. The feisty redhead is determined to scare him to death and send him running. Jace is startled when he hears the loud scream in the middle of the night and his gun is in his hand as he hit the floor, prepared to kill the Indians that were attacking the ranch... only, there were no Indians.


He checked on his Daddy and the housekeeper and felt like a fool for over-reacting. When it happened again, he realized the source was coming from the tiny attic space in his bedroom, and he suspected that the Sommers girl everyone had been warning him about was up to mischief. He waited for Liberty to strike again, and when she did, he promised himself she was going to get the tanning of her life!


Jace wasn't prepared to learn that Liberty was a lovely young woman instead of a little girl, but her hotheaded temper earned her a good spanking, and Jace didn't care that she was grown. He felt that a spanking was exactly was the redhead needed and was going to get!


Regular price: $4.99 
Sale Price: $2.99
Regular price: $4.99
Sale Price: $2.99
Regular price: $4.99
Sale Price: $2.99
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