Tuesday, July 7, 2015

New Release, Lord Barrington's Minx by Alyssa Bailey

Lord Barrington's Minx by Alyssa Bailey


Lady Amelia Blackwell embarks upon her first London season where she is presented to the Queen and the rest of proper society. Everyone, including Amelia herself, expects that she will find a husband amongst the new, eligible gentlemen that she meets during the whirl of social activities. Lord Morgan Barrington has known Amelia her entire life. No longer the high spirited little girl whom he had to rescue from various scrapes, Amelia is now the beautiful, enchanting woman he has waited for her to become. 

Will Amelia be willing to give up her freedom for the strict rules and expectations of Lord Barrington? Will he be able to convince her that true freedom comes from submission?


Chapter One is available for FREE 
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