Friday, July 10, 2015

New this afternoon... Dream Company by Jayelle Thorne

New this afternoon...
Dream Company by Jayelle Thorne

For years, Carson MacMillan's family believed she traveled the world visiting exotic places with sporadic communication, and rare unexpected trips home. But, her mysterious lifestyle is more adventuresome, and much closer to home, than they imagined.

While wrestling her own demons, the strong- willed Carson is caught in her quest to right wrongs done to her and others, at the hand of the wealthy entrepreneur, Blaine Montgomery. When a sex scandal exposes the dark secrets that dominate her life, she discovers Montgomery is not the only man obsessed with her. Uber rich and commanding, Grant Sutter reaches back from her past - the past she thought she had long ago buried - and forces his way into her life. He takes her way beyond her limits in pursuit of her ultimate submission.

As she struggles in an internal tug of war between good and evil and keeping everyone she loves safe from harm, Montgomery's paranoia rages in his attempt to elude the authorities that are intent on pinning a sex-related murder on him. The upheaval leads Carson to discover the shocking targets of his sick games.

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