Friday, July 10, 2015

New Today, Eclipse by Carl Hamlin

Eclipse by Carl Hamlin


In 2025, the former United States is now under the rule of The Dominion. The dictatorial regime exercises surveillance and control over the citizens to the extent possible.

Annamarie Mellencamp, now assigned the name of AnnamrieEcho586B, is a courier for the resistance movement called Nemesis. But when she is sent to stay in a safe house, she encounters Martin, one of the resistance leaders, and finds herself taking part in riskier assignments.


However, Martin is also her former lover, and they had gone for years not knowing if the other was alive. But their romance is rekindled, including Annamarie's passion for being spanked, and when she discovers that Martin possesses the prototype of a virtual reality training device known as Eclipse, she is faced with the opportunity to take her punishment fantasies to a new level.

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