Saturday, July 18, 2015

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Into His World by Vonna Harper



The word means everything to Shana who trains horses and rides rodeo stock. She's a woman living in a man's world, unafraid and taking them on at their own game. Hard childhood lessons taught her that self-determination is the key to survival.

Then she meets Roden, a rodeo livestock contractor with lessons of his own. In his locked room designed for submission and dominance, her world changes.
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Leading Her Home by Ashlyn Kenzie


Andee Carlisle and Nicholas Benjamin have been separated by the width of a continent, the span of a generation, and the misunderstanding of the century.

Now they have a second chance to overcome those obstacles and build a life together--a life which includes the discipline each of them has finally acknowledged must be a part of their relationship.

But will the tingle of that special chemistry they have discovered be as strong in a world where it seems like there are no longer any mysteries, and everything can be plainly seen?

Or is it possible that Andee and Nick are only just beginning to unravel strands from the past that are colored with emotion and life-changing truths? As each of them comes face-to-face with their own deep insecurities, fears from the past and hopes for the future, will their passion and commitment to a disciplined lifestyle be enough to see them through? Or is it too late?

And who knows what will happen when Andee's father reveals the truth about her past; when Nick refuses to be seduced; or when the bride desperately needs an attitude adjustment?

This is the sequel to Reading Her Heart, Lessons From Nick's Firm Hand: Book One, and was previously published under the title 'The View Over His Lap'.
Chapter One is available for FREE 
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Juliana and the Wolf by Carol Storm


In Old Spain, a strong-willed servant girl must choose between love for her master -- and fear of the wolf within! Since early childhood, beautiful black-eyed Juliana has shared an uncanny connection with the werewolves who prowl the plazas and forests of Old Spain. Driven from her home as a hated outcast, the defiant female finds sanctuary in the castle of handsome young Antonio -- only to discover the horror that awaits beneath her lover's tender words and warm embrace!
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