Thursday, July 16, 2015

New: Unbound for Promises by Mindy Taylor

Unbound for Promises by Mindy Taylor

In this second volume of Taylor's Bound To Him series, Kierra Foster must deal with serious issues and questions surrounding the break-up with her former master, Chandler Thorne. Though she is perhaps the most pampered nursing school student on the planet, her emotional baggage threatens at times to overwhelm her, especially when Chandler urges her to pursue the path of submissive sexuality upon which he set her while they were together.
Reluctantly at first, she takes his advice and visits an exclusive sex club that caters to a select BDSM clientele. She immediately is enthralled by, and taken into the expert hands of, the club's leading lights--the powerful and potent alpha male Masters who direct and dictate the numerous manifestations of kink that go on within the facility's plush confines.
But Kierra finds it difficult to move on completely. Her heart, at least partially, still belongs to Chandler, whether she likes it or not. Will his continued attentions lead to her satisfaction, or simply push her further away?


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