Monday, August 17, 2015

How a #1 Best Selling Author Picks a Genre- and Makes it happen! Breanna Hayse


In this class, I will share my secrets about how I pick the genre, the venue and the characters and turn them into something that your readers will not only cling to- but will beg for more!. You will be shown methods to discover inspiration- even in those moments of ‘brain-deadedness’, the means to communicate realism in fiction, and techniques to help you to grow in your art while still having fun. You will also be addressed as a person, and given ideas of how to delve deeper inside so that you may touch your readers on a more intimate level. With that, you also increase your fan base.You don’t have to be a lifestyler to understand and explore the differing genres associated in BDSM Romance, just have a sincere desire to take your passion to another level and make it work to become beautifully and uniquely yours.


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