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New this evening...
The Cure for Cabin Fever by Beth Bennett
Laurel Danner has just inherited a beautiful little log cabin in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. She doesn't know much about roughing it out west, but her handsome neighbor would sure like to give her a few pointers. Even if that requires a little old-fashioned discipline. After falling ill during a heavy snow store, James Caulderfield must recue Laurel. James, a self-assured ex-military man knows a thing or two about survival. But will he survive the little lady next door that he just can't seem to get off his mind?
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No Sugar Added by Marie Hall
With a single throw of a dart, JayCee Kray makes the move to begin her life anew. She knows that a new beginning isn't supposed to start with needing to be rescued. But, if she had to collapse, at least she did it in front of her new neighbor: a trained public servant. Even better, he's all male sexy. The only problem is, JayCee knows she's not the kind of girl a sexy cop like Andrew MacFarlin would go for.
Even as she hides behind her profession as a humor columnist, JayCee's personal life is a mess. She's allowed the wrong people to have the wrong kind of control over her for too long. Though highly praised in her job, she lacks the confidence and the courage to give Andrew access to the woman she is inside.
Andrew MacFarlin couldn't have been happier to find his new neighbor on his doorstep needing assistance. The little cutie sparks something in him the moment they meet. Her stand-offish manner isn't going to deter him. He doesn't see a woman in need of rescue - he sees a very intelligent, witty, caring woman who's hiding behind a wall she's built around her.
Andrew is more than willing to help JayCee settle into a new way of life, and just as willing to give her pert little bottom a sound spanking when she purposely does self-destructive things.
Though JayCee continues to throw up obstacles, finding herself unable to trust that Andrew won't just walk away, he is not only a man of honor, he is a man on a mission. Thanks to his unfaltering manner and firm hand, they will be able to find what they both need: love.
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Will & Trish by Rachel Heath
Trish needs no additional incentive to fall in love with her tall, sexy, and old-fashioned man. She willingly agrees when he voices his desire for a domestic discipline marriage. It doesn't take her long to realize that she needs and even craves Will's firm hand.
Will his stern, traditional idea of marriage roles become too over-whelming when he steps it up and recommends she change some of her bad habits?
Could Trish do more with her talent if she applied herself as Will suggests or will he have to apply his hand to her delicious bottom to encourage her daily practice?
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