Sunday, August 9, 2015

New this Afternoon, Breanna Hayse and Gray Gardner

New Understandings by Breanna Hayse

Love and life is coming to a head for Lt. Samantha Quimby as mysteries are solved and her future is set. She continues with her stubborn ways, growing bolder as confidence in her abilities increases and the mysteries that lay in wait under the waves call to her. Her family is beside themselves in the never ending battle to keep her safe, but her boyfriend Rich has found a very unique means of controlling her behavior. He joins Sam in the integration with the cetacean pod and employs his own special skills to maintain discipline. Starting with reddening Sam's defiant backside.
Michael and Jen's romance blossoms as well, and Jen discovers her own needs are far beyond the 'vanilla' life she had lead until now.
Join the two couples as they make this final journey together under the command of the overprotective Marine Corps generals... and see how skilled the girls have become in weaseling out of trouble ahead.
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Continuing Education by Gray Gardner

Could they really last? The professor and the student? Dr. Matt Fraiser and grad student Mary Madeline Tucker could rationalize their feelings, question their forbidden love and even push one another away. When it comes to love, though, theirs was the most passionate in the universe... or at least, at the university.
Chapter One is available for FREE
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