Monday, August 17, 2015

Pre-Conference Intensive Workshop Thursday, 27 August 2015


"Story In A Day"
Bethany Burke

“Book in a Day” is like no other story workshop intensive.   It goes far beyond simple story structure principles and provides a hands-on approach to story structure which will carry every writer through from first concept to end game. Though this particular workshop will focus on romance writers, all authors interested in any fiction genre are welcome and will not be disappointed.

All successful stories, whether they are novels or screenplays, hit story points (or “beats”) at certain intervals.   Skirting the line between “plotters” and “pantsers,” this system teaches writers to use these story points, giving a concrete structure at the first stages of the writing process.

But where do you get inspiration?   This workshop takes story beats one step farther.  First, we “feed our muse” through an impromptu field trip to an antique mall, where each participant will come back with one item (or a picture of an item!) that will be the basis for a story.  Wander quietly, or go in pairs.   Let your imagination go to work for you.     It’s guaranteed that you will find items and inspirations that you never dreamed of!  Your inspiration might be an antique dress, a piece of costume jewelry, a broken horseshoe or a dilapidated park bench.



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