Friday, September 25, 2015

Miss Rowan Learns Her Lesson by Sterling Scott

Miss Rowan Learns Her Lesson by Sterling Scott

When the Earl Baronet passed away, he left his young second wife the Countess Baronet nearly penniless. But somehow, in the summer of 1852, she mysteriously becomes the darling of Victorian London society entertaining the elite with lavish parties.
Suspecting foul play, London consulting detective Margaret Rowan is commissioned to determine the source of Countess Baronet's apparently endless wealth. Miss Rowan, the only child of the late Colonel Rowan, the first minister of London's Metropolitan Police, is an experienced detective, but inexperienced in the true ways of the world. When the young aristocratic Miss Rowan presents herself as an impoverished woman seeking a position as a maid in Countess Baronet's household, she expects to catch a thief. What Margaret doesn't expect is to endure the humiliation of frequent bare bottom spankings as she is taught to be a proper servant.
The lessons she learns from Mrs. Davenport's paddle and Sir Anthony's strap will become the new skills required to both catch her thief and her man.
This fast paced erotic novella contains the history, mystery and romance of the Victorian age.
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