Friday, September 18, 2015

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Virginia Gentleman by Beth Bennett

Eliza Jane Sankey is caught smack in the middle of the Civil War. With the War raging around her, it doesn't seem that it can get any worse. Then, she finds herself in the middle of an actual battle, and her farmhouse is appropriated for a Union field hospital by handsome Union doctor, Bohanan Sturgess and his medical corps. 

At first it is a clash of wills. Eliza and Bo start out as enemies from opposing sides but as their respect and love begin to grow for one another, Eliza learns that a Yankee Doctor may just be an old-fashioned Virginia Gentleman after all.
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 When Isolt Foxfoot, overworked caregiver at a facility for the elderly in the hidden magical community of Chicago, loses her grandfather, she's faced with losing her little sister as well. Elaine is just eighteen, and as both sisters are part Fae, the kinship courts don't consider the unmarried Isolt responsible enough to guide her sister through the special challenges of Fae adolescence. When Isolt confides her difficulties to Elaine's handsome professor, Sebastian Seaborn, however, she finds he's in a not dissimilar position. As a bachelor, he may not be able to gain tenure at the Academy. And after years spent training his brilliant but willful sister, the responsibility of a new emotional encumbrance is the last thing he wants. 

But after a hasty wedding and an all-too-brief honeymoon, things become more complicated than either had anticipated. Sebastian is a man used to command, and his quiet dominance rouses the latent submissive instincts of both sisters. And as Elaine begins to look to her brother-in-law for guidance, affection and discipline, Isolt finds herself fiercely protective of her sister's dependence and strangely jealous of her husband's attention. 

As wills clash and tempers flare, Isolt faces the truth. She must let go of her determined independence and embrace her submissive desires if she hopes to truly become Sebastian's mate. But can he finally accept the call to true love he's ignored for so long? 
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