Saturday, September 5, 2015

New release on sale this weekend ONLY! A Cordial Welcome by Joannie Kay

New release on sale this weekend ONLY!
A Cordial Welcome by Joannie Kay

Zack Harrison is thankful to have a new job, and he was sure he would be welcomed on the Ginger Belle Ranch, even though it was the most foolish name for a Ranch he'd ever heard. Nothing prepared him to be shot at, and it was his old instincts as a lawman that made his reflexes sharp enough to save his life. The teenager demanded to know his business on the ranch, and then ordered him to ride directly to the ranch. Zack was sorry to learn that the man he'd been sent to see had been murdered. 

Emma Bennett was not inclined to be reasonable with the man who'd shown up out of the blue demanding to speak with her deceased father. She sent him on his way, but she couldn't help but wonder if he was responsible for Gregory Bennett's murder. 

Due to a series of circumstances, Zack found himself investigating Bennett's murder and dealing with the same gun-happy teenager. He was shocked to learn the kid was in reality Emma Bennett. She was just as shocked with the lawman when he took her over his knee to give her a good lesson why it is not a good idea to shoot at a lawman! 

Declaring a peace of sorts, Zack and Emma decide to join forces to find the one responsible for killing the owner of the Ginger Belle.
A Cordial Welcome is available exclusively on Amazon this weekend for a special, new release sale price of $2.99.  
On Monday, it will be available everywhere else (Blushing Books & Barnes & Noble)...but at the regular price of $4.99.  Don't miss this chance to get this HOT new release for almost half-off!

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