Friday, September 11, 2015

Seraglio: The Acolyte, Book Two by Stevie Prescott

In Book Two of The Acolyte, Lady Letice Saint- Juste has become a pawn in a world at war. Bound from Martinique for a convent school in France, she is taken captive by the Ottoman Turks, as a gift for their sovereign, the Sultan of the Sublime Porte, Allah's Shadow on the Earth. She cannot begin to comprehend the alien world in which she finds herself, where even her identity is taken from her.
It is the world of the harem, beyond the Gates of Felicity, one of the high walls that now imprison her. Lost in the Seraglio, a strange universe of women and eunuchs, her savior comes in the form of another French captive, the incomparable Roxelana, who is ikbal, a favorite. Letice is rechristened Zarqa, the Blue-Eyed Woman, and through Roxelana her training begins.
It will part a silken curtain to reveal a world unimagined, a fantasy drenched in jewels, in the splendour of the baths, and the drugged euphoria of the White Poppy. Despite their destiny in the bed of one man, there are many kinds of love in the Seraglio.
Letice is drawn into this life, tamed by an erotic indulgence of the senses. As Zarqa, escape becomes a dream that seems increasingly out of focus: a dream that grows even more distant when she is called to the bed of the Padishah Sultan. In a single, shattering night, the little captive from a convent has herself become ikbal, and will soon learn the fearful weight of power within the harem. As well as pleasure, betrayal and brutal death hang over this seductive prison - one from which she's determined to be free, whatever the cost.
In the upcoming sequel, Book Three; Falconhill, Letice escapes the Seraglio, to find her way back to a world now as alien as the one she left behind. Lost and grieving, she will find the courage to seek a new life in the raw, freewheeling land of America, where this Acolyte in search of a worthy Master will finally find the man she's searched for since her journey began.
Publisher's Note: This book is an erotic novel that contains graphic sexuality, including multiple partners, anal play, and elements of dominance and submission. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.
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