Sunday, September 27, 2015

Teaching Abby: Lone Star Family Values

Part One: 

When powerful cattle rancher and ex-soldier Mac Lucas hears that rustlers are nearby, his first thought is for the safety of his pretty, shy neighbor Abby Proudfoot and her father Ethan. But rustlers are not the only danger Abby has to contend with, and when she is hurt, Mac needs to step in fast to protect her from further harm. 

Wary, Abby has always kept her distance from Mac, but this time he isn't taking 'no' for an answer. Taken to his ranch for her own protection, she soon discovers that her heart is at as much risk as her body. 

As the two fall in love, Abby is shocked to learn that Mac believes that good relationships should have rules - which should be reinforced with a firm hand. Can Abby accept that sometimes a thorough spanking is for her own good? And when she inadvertently puts both of their lives at risk, will she accept the consequences to save them both? 

Part Two: 

Mac and Abby are happily married, but there are problems looming. While Abby adores the physical side of their marriage, she struggles to trust Mac enough to share the intimacy of her thoughts and desires. When Mac realizes how much she's hiding from him, he hopes that a good, hard spanking will teach her how to trust. But to his dismay he discovers that it will take more than one session over his knee to teach her the family values she needs to learn. When Abby hides from him that she's being threatened and sexually harassed, she finds herself in a situation where her life is once again in danger!
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