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The Sapphire Sacrifice by Ravyn Rayne (Gem Apocalypse Book 3)

The Sapphire Sacrifice by Ravyn Rayne

(Gem Apocalypse Book 3)

A virus designed to murder Sapphire’s.

No one from Brayleigh saw it coming.

Neither James nor Aria expected four men in a deserted city to attack. Thrown into the back of a van, James is captured by claimers – men that hunt Sapphire’s and bring them into quarantine, where they must settle their debt for treatment. Those that can’t pay off their debt are held in the broker’s quarters until they’re bought by angels, often resulting in slavery, hunting humans, and a host of other horrendous atrocities.

Aria is different. She’s naturally immune, or so she’s told. On a mission to rescue James, she finds herself in danger and quickly learns the power of friendship, commitment, and undying love.

With a taste of age play, spanking, and a master/slave relationship with voyeurism, this dystopian erotic adventure is sure to leave you satisfied.

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Raindrops fell from the sky. She shivered against the concrete. The cooler air and moisture made her uncomfortable. With reluctance, she stood, wrapping her arms around herself. Soaking wet, thunder echoed across the city, and lightening crackled above her. She needed to find shelter. It shouldn't have been too difficult in an empty city. Aria walked into the nearest skyscraper, the door swung open with ease. The lock broke off quite some time ago, like many of the buildings they encountered.

Out of the rain and into the cold darkness, she felt frozen. Aria wanted to change clothes, but the pack she'd been carrying was just as soaked. Removing the clothes from her bag, she scattered them among the lobby desk and chairs, flipping everything right side up. What happened here after the war? Had radiation settled over the city and forced an evacuation? If that had been the case, the men that had taken James hadn't been too concerned to wear suits to protect themselves. It must be safe now.

Food seemed scarce. There were no rivers to fish from, and the canned goods they'd

found had been few and far between, never leaving them enough to save and bring any with them. They had traveled far from the ocean. She didn't want to think about doing this alone, but she had no other choice.

She rummaged through the floor, popping open locked desk drawers and a cabinet behind the desk. There were paper, pens, and a few other odd looking office supplies. Nothing that she could eat or use to start a fire. She couldn't believe how much useless junk existed from a different time.

A loud ding chimed across the hall toward the end of the large foyer. Aria's head darted up, and the lights above the elevator glowed. Someone rode the elevator down. She felt both excited and anxious. She grabbed the nearest item she could as a weapon, the pen from the desk drawer. Aria doubted it would do her much good, but if she felt forced to use it, she could jab it in someone's eye. Gripping the barrel, she approached the elevator with caution.

Five Questions with James

(a character interview for The Gem Apocalypse series)

Of all the places you’ve lived, what is your favorite?

That’s a tough question to answer. I loved Brayleigh, before the uprising. I know it wasn’t a perfect society, but I was happy. It will always be my home as I have fond memories of my childhood growing up at the royal palace.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Give me bacon! It’s hard to come by but I absolutely love it.

You’ve had your share of women at the royal harem. Any aside from Aria that you’ve loved?

I’ve loved all the women I’ve invited into my home. Who’s to say you can’t love everyone?

Do you prefer dominating or being dominated?

I love to spank Aria. So yes, I prefer to dominate my partner.

Would you ever let Aria spank you?

I wouldn’t bend over and let her spank me, but she can certainly try. I like to remain in charge.

Grab the first book in the series and begin the adventure.


The Emerald Virgin (Gem Apocalypse Book 2)

Emerald – a girl with green eyes and a rarity after the horrific genocide that slaughtered millions.

After the war, King Gideon rose in power. A lust-filled and greedy king that believed in the power of slavery.

At eighteen, women were required to come before King Gideon and his four sons, to offer themselves as a courtesan. The princes took only those they found most attractive and alluring. The rest were returned to their homes with a brand on their wrist proving they had been through the process and rejected. Ignoring the ritual was punishable by death.

Aria Stone had been kept hidden from the princes and the ceremony, because she was an Emerald. At twenty-three, the royal guards storm her home, murder her mother, and drag her to court. She must face the four princes.

A dystopian erotic adventure.

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The Amber Voyeur (Gem Apocalypse Book 2)

No longer safe in Brayleigh, Aria and James travel by ship to find refuge and discover what’s left of the world.

Dangerous seas and pirates lurking are only the start of their troubles. Forced off the boat with nothing but the clothes on their back, the crew and passengers make it to a nearby island, only to be abducted by the Knight Tribe, a clan of romantic warriors with a voyeuristic culture and a taste for nightly entertainment.

Get swept away in this dystopian erotic adventure, brimming with romance, spankings, and betrayal.

Now available on Kindle Unlimited! Borrow for FREE or purchase on Amazon

About the Author

Ravyn is a sassy, fun-loving, and adventure-seeking young woman. She loves to travel and can’t wait for her next vacation,

Ravyn writes romantic erotica. She began writing romance novels in college, spending her down time either reading a book or writing fiction. Please don’t make her choose between the two, she loves them equally.wherever it might be.

Currently on schedule to publish two books a month through Blushing Books, Ravyn is incredibly prolific. Her series include: Federal Agent Chronicles, Palace Secrets, and Gem Apocalypse. She is also writing a spin-off series to Gem Apocalypse, titled Courtesan Slave Trade. Her goal is to write two romance novels per month. She has been published professionally since 2013. You can find her young adult books here.

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