Sunday, October 4, 2015

New this afternoon... One in a Million by Coleen Singer and Dire Consequences by Sage Delouise

New this afternoon...
One in a Million by Coleen Singer
Phoebe finally did it! One day she dared to sign up for an online dating service - one that catered to people just like her, people with a fascination for spanking. Then she waited anxiously by her computer, hoping - and maybe fearing a little - that she'd get a response. And then it happened. She received an email from a man named Tom, who claimed to be seeking a loving, long-term relationship with the woman of his dreams. He wrote that he was old-fashioned, and knew just how to handle bratty behavior. Every inch of him sounded dreamy! Was he too good to be true?
After exchanging a few short emails and then talking on the phone, they agreed to meet for dinner the next day at a small pub. Their attraction was instant, but more than that, they connected on a deeper level. They talked for hours until closing time. Tom was reluctant to let her out of his sight. He told her to give him a call as soon as she made it safely home.
Hours later, she still hadn't called him. He hopped into his car and drove all over town, the main roads and back roads, looking for her. He was stunned when he found her walking on the side of the road, drenched to the bone. Her car broke down, and she didn't have her cellphone on her, although she had told him that she did. He knew then that it was time to show her just what a good, old-fashioned spanking actually felt like! But was it too soon? Would she want to see him again, when she discovered that the reality was nothing like her fantasy? It was a risk, but one he had to take, for he was falling for her hard. She was definitely one in a million, and she was his.
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Dire Consequences by Sage Delouise
It was all just a big misunderstanding! Anna wakes up the morning after a party to find she is alone. Roger, the man she loves, has left her. Maybe she'd been flirting a bit with a stranger the night before... but it was harmless! She hadn't meant anything by it.

Devastated, Anna tries to win him back, but when he shows no signs of returning to the home they shared, she agrees to go out with the stranger, Gus.

Roger still cares about Anna and warns her that Gus is dangerous. Hurt and angry, she doesn't listen to him. Only too late does she realize that maybe Roger was right to warn her. Deep down, she knows there will be dire consequences for disobeying him, but she is determined to find out who is stalking her!
Chapter One is available for FREE 
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