Monday, November 9, 2015

Come Back To Me At Christmas Keriann McKenna

Come Back To Me At Christmas
Keriann McKenna
Ashlin Abbey Publishing, LLC

Patty misses her husband dearly and dreams of him coming home for Christmas. When she shares her dream with her children, they become increasingly worried as Patty goes between present day and her cherished memories. 

Her children gather to decide how to help her handle the disappointment and comfort her when he doesn't show up. After all, it was only a dream.

Convinced she was losing her grip on reality and shouldn't live alone any longer, they decide to wait until after the holidays before making any major changes in her life.

But Christmas Day brings a shocking surprise—to everyone but Patty. This is a heartwarming, funny, and touching story that will have you believing in miracles.






They were married in the front yard of that house on a beautiful day in May, surrounded by friends and family. Patty recalled the music from the bagpipes and Michael’s mother, Helen, giving her a penny to put in her shoe for good luck.

It wasn’t until the year after Jesse was born that Patty planted a garden. In fact, it was her first garden of any size and she was quite proud of it. When Michael arrived home early, he stepped carefully between the neat little rows marked with a stick holding the empty seed packet, and drew her into his arms for a kiss.

“Looks like you’ve been busy,” he said. “What did you plant?”

“All sorts of things,” Patty replied as she began to point out each row and tell him what it held. When she got to the last two rows and announced that it was corn, he broke out laughing.

“You planted two rows of corn, each one a hundred foot long?” His smile covered his face all the way up to his eyes.

“Sure, why not?”

Darlin...I’m not trying to be critical...,” he was still grinning as he pushed his Stetson back and took her hand.


“You don’t plant just two long rows of corn.”

“Why not?”

“Because it’s easier to pollinate when it’s planted in a square or a rectangle with the plants close together. Eventually, the stalks will grow tall, tassels will form on the top—that’s where the pollen is, and the wind will cause the stalks to move against each other. It’s easier done when they’re closer, so I’m not sure how much corn we’ll actually get.”

“Oh.” A contemplative look took up residence on her face as she considered digging up the seeds, but that would mean reconfiguring the entire garden. It was the second time that day she had the idea and dismissed it without further thought.

Michael helped his wife pick up her gardening tools and carried the bucket before heading toward the house where dinner was on the stove.

“Come on,” he said, slipping an arm around her waist and starting toward the house. “I’m sure it’ll be delicious. We can share an ear or two with the kids.”

He laughed again and kissed her cheek. His humor was always priceless and Patty laughed at herself right along with him. What he didn’t know was she’d had the same conversation with a neighbor who stopped by that afternoon right after she’d covered the last corn seed with dirt. The neighbor’s wife had made the same mistake. She went out and bought a feather duster and hand pollinated the corn in her first garden.

Patty flashed Michael a smile. You’ll have more corn than you can eat, she thought, keeping her secret to herself and planning to buy her very own feather duster next time she was in town.

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