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New #BlushingBooks The Protector's Heart by Bryony Kildare

The Protector's Heart by Bryony Kildare
When Brietta Larch, a half-blooded Fae apprenticed to the Druidic Circle of Chicago, begins to receive menacing text messages that seem to be from a vampire, she immediately knows the danger is real. Yet no one around her seems to take them seriously - not her mother, not her best friend, not even the peacekeepers an increasingly frightened Brietta reaches out to for protection. But when the vampire attacks her in the middle of the marketplace, one person reacts: Alejandro Halcon, a peacekeeper who has trained himself to see past even the most powerful illusions.

Yet even under Alejandro's protection, Brietta's life begins to fall apart as her stalker manages to get her dismissed from her apprenticeship. To escape the reach of the enemy's spells, the two half-blooded Fae must retreat to the Old World, the lands of Faerie separated from the human world centuries before. There they must discover the key to the vampire's illusions, even as they try to navigate the difficulties of the new love that has blossomed between them. Brietta, independent and strong-willed, has never before even considered submitting to a mate. Yet as she comes to rely on Alejandro's strong and tender discipline, she realizes that she has been denying a part of herself all her life. When Alejandro leaves her in the Old World to be trained by the beautiful Fae healer Leithril, Brietta is determined to learn submission and become worthy to be claimed as his mate. But as weeks pass and Alejandro does not return, she begins to fear the worst. Brietta must find the strength to save her beloved...or face the loss of all their newfound hopes and dreams.

This is a standalone novel and does not need to be read in order as part of the series.
Chapter One is available for FREE 
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A Thanksgiving Guest by Sadie Hunter

Jennie Louise is not in a Thanksgiving mood. The second Great War to end all wars is over, and there would be a lot to be thankful for if only her husband had returned. Instead, she left with the shattered dreams and empty bed of a war widow. To make matters worse, her sister's husband made it back, and now they have a baby, too. Jennie doesn't mean to be jealous, but it's hard not to snap at her sister's well-intentioned meddling.

This year, though, her brother William is bringing home a guest - a male guest! Clark has no one with whom to celebrate the holiday, as his wife and child passed away the year before. He is still grieving as well, but he is trying to go on living. When he takes Jennie out to the barn to warm her bottom for her selfish behavior, her entire family crosses their fingers and hopes that maybe he will be the one to help her begin that journey of healing and moving on.

The Thanksgiving Shyster by Brandy Golden

Gavin was looking forward to going home for Thanksgiving vacation. Since money was tight, though, he had advertised on the campus message boards for a passenger to share the driving and expenses. But if she didn't show up soon, he was just going to leave without her! She's already kept him waiting for over half an hour. Finally, a petite young student in tattered jeans and a hot pink sweatshirt, snapping a wad of gum, showed up and didn't even apologize. Someone should have taught her some manners long ago, but if she pushed him much harder, he might just haul her over his knee for a sound spanking.

Pip didn't understand why Gavin was so bent out of shape. She was used to manipulating guys and getting whatever she wanted, then dumping them, because she didn't really want someone she could manipulate. This was going to be a long trip as it was, since she was penniless and couldn't even afford a burger when he stopped for dinner later, much less pay her portion of the gas. 

When Gavin discovered her deceit, he was determined that this was one time that she would pay for her misdeeds - if not in cash, then by a sound spanking. 

How I Learned to Embrace Dead Beast Day by April Hill

A non-traditional housewife balks at the idea that she will be expected to cook the next Thanksgiving Dinner for her extended family. She never was much of a cook, and detested the idea of cleaning cranberry stains out of the carpet by herself. Determined to give it her best effort, she begins by buying an expensive tablecloth for a table much bigger than the one she and her husband own, complete with cloth napkins and engraved pewter napkin rings. She spends and spends, racking up quite a bill on her visa card. Afraid of the spanking she would when her husband found out, she entered a writing contest. Only, her actual family and actual Thanksgiving traditions would be much to boring for any contest, so she made something up. She never expected to win! Now she has to convince her family to dress up like real pilgrims, grow their own vegetables in a garden, and raise their own turkey, all for the sake of a few pictures the magazine wanted to take before presenting her with her grand prize check for five thousand dollars. She just knows that before all this is over, she's going to get the worst spanking of her life.

Thanksgiving Tarts by Miranda George

Willa missed the open-land spaces of the Texas panhandle where she grew up... It just took seven years of living in New York City to realize it. Now she wanted to move back, and more importantly, she wanted what she had before she left--a handsome rancher who, in the past, made her toes curl with pleasure.

Although Wolf never stopped loving Willa, even after she left him, he was still suffering a broken heart--one that had definitely hardened over time. When Willa tries to tempt him towards her with a sexy story about a spanking, though, will she want what she's dreamed about? Or will she simply dig more of a void between them?
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