Monday, November 16, 2015

New #BlushingBooks

An Unlikely Widow by Dort Wesley

Oliver Herring had been a lawman for a long time and he considered himself a good judge of people until the day Valerie Masters rode into his town. His first mistake was thinking she was a young boy riding recklessly and who was in need of a stern talking to. When he heard her sweet, sexy voice, he thought she was a young girl because of her petite figure in the well-worn jeans. He also decided her insistence on going into a saloon would be dangerous and get her into trouble she couldn't handle. When words and sweet reason failed him, he picked her up and draped her over the hitching rail and started spanking.
Val Masters was furious with the big man for blocking her way into the saloon to arrest Blade McCall, a former employee who had stolen money from her. By the time Val freed herself from Oliver, McCall had flown. She yelled at the Sheriff, as it was all his fault. Oliver threw her in jail and demanded to know her father's name so he could send for him to come and get her. There was no way he would believe Val's tall tale that she was a widow with grown sons! To his chagrin, he learned from his favorite little waitress that he had made a big mistake. Oliver ordered food for both of them and headed back to the jail to apologize and eat crow and hope the meal was a good peace offering. Only thing, Val had escaped and fled the town. Oliver swore he was going to give her a spanking to make the other one seem like love pats! 

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Charm Him, Disarm Him by Sheri Lynn

Calliope is a product of the New Society on the planet Nysa, where women have no rights, freedom or choices. Education is frowned upon and they exist solely to work-or to provide recreation for the menfolk. But Calliope has bigger plans. Her mentor, Cassandra, has told her all about Earth and how things are different for women there, and now Calliope dreams of escaping Nysa, getting to Earth and living a free and happy life.
Unfortunately, she doesn't get as far as she had planned-instead ending up being placed with a dedicated soldier, Amerrande, as his plaything for three months.
For his part, Amerrande usually doesn't accept so-called 'assignments', as he is dedicated to the New Society's cause and sees women as an unnecessary distraction. But he finds himself being drawn irrevocably to Calliope from the very beginning and, judging by her very physical reactions to his advances, she feels the same way.
Regardless of her developing feelings for Amerrande, Calliope knows she must not let anything get in the way of her plans to escape. She refuses to allow her heart to rule her head and eventually she manages to achieve her goal; after a terrifying escape and hazardous journey, she reaches Earth-and freedom.
Amerrande is sent to find her, and to punish her for defying the New Society. But his feelings for her are too deep and he finds himself unable to execute her death sentence. Instead, he has her banished to Neoma, the so-called 'Death Planet'. All Calliope's hopes and dreams have been extinguished by the one man she has ever loved... or have they? 

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