Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Trouble with Savi by Danielle Logan

The Trouble with Savi by Danielle Logan

Can Savi and Eric make it work or will the demands of this new life get the better of the young newlyweds?

Savannah and Eric are the perfect couple – young and wildly in love. Their first year of a domestic discipline marriage is a huge learning experience for both of them. Savi is suddenly no longer a carefree, pampered child. She is a woman. A wife. She continues her studies. In addition, she must also manage an entire household on her own-everything from cooking dinner, to doing laundry. Savi finds even the simplest of tasks overwhelming.

Eric, too, is learning to master his new role as husband and disciplinarian. Like his young bride, Eric continues his own work, but has also assumed another job, managing Savi, which proves to be more a challenge than he expects.

Come along with Eric and Savi as they experience the ups and downs, the love, tears and laughter that the first year of marriage brings. Can they make it work or will the demands of this new life get the better of the young newlyweds?

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After a few moments of silence, Savi felt Eric wrap his arms around her waist. "I didn't mean to upset you baby, I'm sorry," Eric whispered into her ear. He grabbed her by the hand and pulled her into the living room and onto his lap as he sat down on the couch.

Savi curled up onto his lap and buried her head into his chest, secret tears fell from her eyes. The guilt was eating her inside. She felt as though there was no way out of this. Her lies were spiraling out of control and there was no looking back now.

Eric pulled her in closer to him and plucked the pins out of Savi's hair, letting her gorgeous locks fall free. "I never meant to upset you"

Savi lifted her head and looked into her husband's emerald eyes and gave him a big smile, grabbed his face and placed her plump lips upon his. "I know. I just get overwhelmed sometimes. All of this is so new to me, I don't know where or when to start or stop."

"I know baby, I know."

As she sat in his lap, she thought of ways to tell Eric the truth. But as each idea went through her head, she immediately dismissed it. The last thing she wanted was to be punished, and if she told Eric what she had been up to that is exactly what would happen.

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