Thursday, January 14, 2016

New this afternoon... Exceeding Her Hopes by Ashlynn Kenzie

New this afternoon...
Exceeding Her Hopes by Ashlynn Kenzie

What happens when bears roam your neighborhood and mountainous roads pose hazards?
If you are Andee Benjamin, you discover there is a wrong way to deal with these problems, as well as a right way.
The right way becomes clear when Andee finds herself over her husband, Nick's, knee.
She also learns some lessons about being a mother, a role model for a friend with a need for discipline in her own life, and a loving daughter. Above all, however, she finds that her life as Nick's wife brings her more joy than she ever thought possible. In fact, it exceeds her hopes, even when she resists the rules Nick knows will keep her safe... and is forced to pay the price.
Exceeding Her Hopes is the third book in the series titled "Lessons from Nick's Firm Hand" that follows the romance between a young woman in need of discipline in her life, and the mature man who is able and willing to provide it.
With a forward by Maggie Ryan.
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