Wednesday, March 30, 2016

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The Outlaw by Vanessa Vale
Caroline Turner hopes the decision to become a mail order bride will offer her the freedom she's longed for her entire miserable life. Being abused by her father, she chose the Montana Territory and Mr. Horace Meecham as an escape. Could this man give her the life she'd only dreamed of and make her forget her past?

Finn Masters learns of Horace Meecham, Jr.'s plan to marry his dead father's bride. Finn will have nothing of it. He must save the woman from a cruel marriage, a cruel and ruthless man. The only way to prevent it is to kidnap her from the stage prior to her arrival in town. When he does save her, he falls victim to her beauty and wants her for his own, his possessiveness instantaneous. How can he prove to her she is the woman for him when secrets from her past come between them? How can their love endure when revenge could destroy it all?
Regularly priced at $3.99, but on sale this week for a special "flashback" sale of $1.99 until thisSaturday, April 2nd

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Claimed by a powerful lord who chose to make her his little one. She was never given a choice. Naive and innocent, Angeline agrees to attend an infamously risque house party full of the ton's elite. All the common seamstress knows is it is finally a chance for a grand, passionate adventure.

Lord Blackhurst felt a fierce need to possess and protect the child-like woman from the moment he laid eyes on her. After learning she is brought to the party to be a "virgin" sacrifice for the amusement of the other guests, he seizes her as his own. When Angeline insists on placing herself at risk by foolishly engaging in some of the naughty pursuits of the party, Blackhurst takes her, against her will, to his country estate.

Forced into a nursery, Angeline is subjected to daily enemas, diapers, spankings and dreaded training sessions in Papa's play room.  Can she learn to love this powerful lord and his need to master her through submission?
Regularly priced at $4.99, but on sale this week for a special "flashback" sale of $2.99 until thisSaturday, April 2nd

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Forever & Always by Carolyn Faulkner
Catherine Rutherford was a success - a self- made woman from the ground up, she'd had to fight hard for everything she had with only herself to rely on. But she had it all - a great job, a house, friends, a fiance . . . well, perhaps not so much in the fiance area. Glen was not quite what she'd hoped for in a man. He was nice enough - smart and funny and damned good in bed - but also indecisive and passive and quite happy to let her take care of him. She'd always yearned for something . . . more - much more, and much less politically correct.

Enter Mrs. Euphemia Jenkins, who ran a kind of curiosity shop that was full of just the kinds of things that had always attracted Cathy almost helplessly - that was, almost anything from the fifties.

And Euphemia was in the habit of giving the people - the ones that she felt deserved it - what they wanted most.

That was how a modern, twenty-first century woman found herself on the floor of a bridal salon in the year nineteen-fifty-six, in the arms of a man who looked very much like her fiance, but was tantalizingly different - confident, attentive, loving - and dominant with a capital D.

And as she tries to come to grips with where she was and even tries to create a way to get back, Cathy finds herself falling for a man she believes isn't hers to love.
Regularly priced at $4.99, but on sale this week for a special "flashback" sale of $2.99 until thisSaturday, April 2nd

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How to Rescue Rapunzel by Viola Morne
A beautiful widow imprisoned in a tower.
A dashing archaeologist searching for ancient treasure.
 When Lady Angelica Saxon is locked up in a lunatic asylum by her unscrupulous brother-in- law, she almost despairs. Until Mrs. Pringle, the marriage broker, finds Angelica a new husband to rescue her.

Thor Ericson is a scholar who dreams of traveling to Egypt in search of a lost tomb. All he needs is money. A marriage of convenience with the wealthy Lady Saxon is the answer to his prayers, but there's a problem.
 Angelica's first husband trained her to crave pain with her pleasure. Thor finds his beautiful wife irresistible. He doesn't want to be her master, but her unusual passions incite his own.   As they travel from England's green shores to the burning sands of Egypt, Angelica and Thor complete a journey of discovery about each other.

Every mile draws them closer together, but their secrets threaten to tear them apart.
When danger threatens from all sides, and Angelica vanishes, Thor must conquer his ambition and follow his heart if he wants to save his wife. Or will he be too late?
Regularly priced at $4.99, but on sale this week for a special "flashback" sale of $2.99 until thisSaturday, April 2nd

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