Thursday, March 17, 2016

New #BlushingBooks Posey's Assets by Mariella Starr

Posey's Assets by Mariella Starr
Posey Wanamaker is tired of being judged by her looks. She is neither a blonde ditz to be pinched on her ass, nor a cutie-patootie child to be patted on the head. What she aspires to be is a young woman with a brain, and a liberated free spirit. She is no longer willing to being guided and brainwashed into doing what everyone else thinks is best for her.

The problem is, no one will take her seriously. Being upended over a man's lap, with his mind set on teaching her a lesson about being careless, is not her idea of a declaration of independence. But then... being kissed by him until she can't remember why he makes her so mad is confusing, and leaves her wanting more.

How is a tough cop supposed to behave when he is outmaneuvered, angered, and attracted by a dizzy little firecracker who wants to be a modern woman? When she makes him a proposition he can't possibly refuse, Frank Ramsey is led on a merry romp that is as frustrating as it is sexually satisfying. What's a guy to do when he falls head over heels for a little gal who sets him off like dynamite - both his temper and his libido? She might not ever be the traditional wife he had expected to cater to his needs, but so what? Posey is his woman now. He just has to seal the deal.

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