Friday, March 18, 2016

New from #BlushingBooks Over the Line by Jenny Plumb

Over the Line by Jenny Plumb
Andie, a newly reformed car thief and con artist, has often fantasized about getting spanked by a strict parental figure as a means to keep her on the straight and narrow. Now that she's met and befriended a dominant married couple, David and Nina, she finally has the opportunity to see whether reality is anything like the fantasy. When her surrogate 'parents' offer her an entire weekend of age-play at their private cabin out in the woods, Andie jumps at the chance to explore her Little - and kinky - side.

David and Nina have played with several submissives and Littles over the years, but with Andie it's different, because they're also heavily involved in so many other aspects of her life. They have to find the right balance between kinky play sessions and real life nurturing, discipline and guidance for the young woman they've taken under their wing.

After an emotional and intense weekend of play at the cabin, will it even be possible for the three of them to go back to the way things were? Or will they discover that they've crossed so far over the line between play and reality that there's no turning back?

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