Thursday, March 10, 2016

New Release: Mail Order Surprise by Misty Malone

Mail Order Surprise by Misty Malone
Austin Barrington is nervous - but hopeful - when his mail order bride, Georgia Langley, steps off the train. From the few letters they've exchanged, it seems they have a lot of the same ideals and goals. He is concerned that an educated young lady from Boston might be scared, bored - or both - living on a ranch in Wyoming, but he hopes she will be able to adjust and that they will make a good couple. In time, he plans to teach her to ride a horse and shoot a gun, but for now, he will keep a close eye on her to keep her safe.

It soon becomes clear that what he expected from his new bride and what he has received are two very different things. Within just three days of her arrival, Georgia leaves the ranch on her own and goes looking for employment - after finding out that husbands in Laramie in 1890 commonly correct their wives' bad behavior with a trip over their knee.

Austin and Georgia may have different views on the concept of domestic discipline, but they are a good match in many other ways. Follow their story in this action-packed adventure, as they find themselves in the center of a mysterious and dangerous situation.

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Medieval Spanking Tales by Rollin Hand
A compilation of short stories and novelettes written by Rollin Hand and previously published in other eBooks represents a terrific value for those who like spanking stories in medieval and historical settings. At over 54,000 words, this collection serves up ten tales of voluptuous spanking chastisement meted out by stalwart knights to fair damsels and naughty ladies. Bare bottom spankings, birchings, switchings, and strappings, both in intimate and public settings, abound in this compendium, set in days of old when knights were bold and the price of disobedience by a lady, whether princess or commoner, was often a well-deserved trip across a manly knee. In this volume are tales of adventure and derring do, tender romance, whimsy and humor. Also included are extended excerpts from novels by Jordan St. John, Rollin's alter ego in the spanking romance genre.

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