Thursday, March 3, 2016

The Gold & the Gunner by Aycee Masterson and No Escape by Jamie Phillips

The Gold & the Gunner by Aycee Masterson

Josephine Oglethorne's life is a tragedy. She's lost both parents and six siblings to war, sickness and broken hearts, all before turning seventeen. When her fiance breaks their engagement - and her heart - by marrying someone else, Jo is left to look after the family farm and carry on alone.
But then a lost love from her past walks back into her life, asking questions about missing Confederate gold that her father might (or might not) have hidden before his death.
Reid Lawrence, a former Confederate soldier, is now working for the Federal government and looking for the elusive gold, even though he isn't sure it exists. When Jo saves Reid from a lynching by her former fiance, he begins to suspect that she knows more than she's letting on about the lost treasure.
He's willing to put his life in jeopardy, and to put her over his knee, to discover the truth about the gold. But he never expected the sort of treasure he'd find in the end.
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No Escape by Jamie Phillips

A Corporate Suit. A Dotcom Millionaire. A High School Reunion. Memories. Betrayal.
When a dotcom millionaire and a corporate executive get invitations to their High School Reunion, they have mixed emotions about meeting each other again. They were going to be married all those years ago, but she dumped him for another man. Now twenty years and the Atlantic Ocean separate them, but they are both single again. Will their passion be rekindled? And if that happens, can they make it work this time?
After the loss of his wife, Phil finds that the promise of a reunion awakens long buried desires in him. He knows he fell short last time, though that didn't excuse Jen's betrayal. Now that they are older and wiser, will they get it right? Will he keep her on the straight and narrow path to their happily ever after?
After a painful marriage and divorce, Jen is afraid a bottom-warming reckoning is due and she will have to submit to it because she can't resist another chance on love. Even if she does make amends, can she be sure Phil is the one? The one who understands her enough to be firm as well as supportive? Once, she thought he was the one. Now fate seems to be bringing them together again.
Perhaps you can't ever really escape your fate. Why would you want to?
Chapter One is available for  FREE
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