Thursday, June 23, 2016

Conquering Cassia by Tabitha Black

Conquering Cassia by Tabitha Black
When Cassia's father dies unexpectedly, the little girl is sent to live with Lord Alexander Surrey, as his ward. For the next ten years, she enjoys his love, luxurious lifestyle, and even his discipline, as she grows into a beautiful - albeit impertinent - young woman.
Upon discovering that Lord Surrey has made plans to find her a suitable husband, Cassia vows secretly to sabotage his every attempt, as she has no desire to leave either Wenham Castle or her beloved guardian.
Until she meets Graf Willhelm von Sachsen. The handsome German count is the first of Cassia's suitors to arouse her interest - and, she soon discovers, the first to stand up to her impudence by tossing her over his lap and giving her a sound spanking. Unfortunately, once her backside has been adequately reddened, Graf Willhelm informs Cassia that he has no intention of marrying such a bad tempered young lady, and takes his leave of her.
Aroused and ashamed by their first encounter, Cassia finds herself unable to stop thinking about the strong, Dominant suitor. So when she is given a second chance to prove herself worthy of his interest, she promises to do anything it takes...
Set in the lush countryside and luxurious castles of 15th century England, this medieval tale is one of lust, trust, discipline and love.
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The End of the Road by Josie Adams
The Journal of Mary Simpson McKinney
Desperate for a new life, Mary knows that she needs guidance if she hopes to break free of her troubled past. Professor and architect Fergus McKinney, declares himself just the man to help her. With his old-fashioned values and his firm hand as her guide, Mary documents her transition from an unhappy independent woman, into the cherished wife of a very strict husband. Her journal chronicles the transition, and the challenges she faces along the way.
The End of the Road
Annette had always been proud to maintain her freedom, drifting from man to man, exploiting their generosity. But then something changed. She accepted a job testing a very unique product for Avery, a quirky engineer/inventor. His loneliness, combined with her unstated need for love and a home, quickly becomes more than Annette had bargained for. Will it be enough to change them forever?
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