Friday, July 22, 2016

Fire and Ice by PS Cassidy

Fire and Ice by PS Cassidy
It was supposed to be a ski trip. Their friends said it would be fun, just like the old days. But Nick is a broken wanderer. He doesn't feel like having fun. And he especially doesn't want to be anywhere near his fellow wanderer, the emotionally wounded Jasmine. Leave it to their meddling do-gooder friends to drag them both along. The party arrives at a remote, frozen place, and then their fun-bunch friends decide to take a side trip, leaving Jasmine and Nick alone with only one instruction: "Don't kill each other." 
And then it snows. And it snows. Their friends will not be back any time soon. Nick and Jasmine need each other to survive, but what they find is much more than the realities of life and death. In that frozen place, they are forced to confront their fears, and their demons, and find a way to make a peace - or they will surely be buried under the crushing weight of the past, and perish in the snow.
Publisher's note: This story contains explicit sex scenes between a dominant male and submissive partner which include erotic spankings.
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