Friday, July 22, 2016

Taking the Stage by Paige Parsons

Taking the Stage by Paige Parsons
Her lying, cheating husband betrayed her. Devastated, she quit her teaching job. Now Robyn Rose isn't sure she has it in her to start over again in the only job she ever really enjoyed - the theatre. 
But support for her penniless artistic future is limited, until she meets Joseph James Davis. He is the director of Robyn's last-chance gig, and has some unique, over-his-lap sorts of ideas about what it takes to keep his stage manager on her best behavior. He also might just be her last chance at love. 
Now, if only they can get their lead actress (who is also his ex-girlfriend) to take the stage without destroying their possibility at a future together.
The first chapter is available for  FREE
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(should be available in 24-48 hrs)


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