Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Headless Horseman Trail by Gray Gardner

Legend. Mystery. And love?
Eager to set up her archeological dig site on her cousins' ranch, Ellison Holliday is completely stunned to find that the always empty McCann Guest House isn't actually empty. She's even more unprepared for the muscular Adonis who greeted her. Or his gun. Or his nakedness.
FBI Agent Waller Beckindorf has taken solo residence on the McCann Ranch during his investigation into Jackson McCann's disappearance. But all of his training does nothing to prepare him for the spitfire that blows into his life in the form of Ellison Holliday. More than just a bit like her cousin Case - Jackson's baby sister who keeps trying to sneak into the still quarantined crime scene - Ellison is beauty, brains, and in desperate need of discipline. His discipline.
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Runaway Scold by Marie Hall
Can love set things right?
The king has reaffirmed Io Brice's marriage to Lord Xavier Brice. As much as Io wills their relationship to be one of want and need rather than command and duty, she is not able to fully trust in her husband's commitment.
As Lady Charlotte, Xavier's own mother, continues to push for Io to be put out, someone else is pushing for Io's very end.

Unsure if it is her husband, his mother, or the woman set on replacing her, Io thinks her only chance to stay alive is to run.

But will she leave the dangers in the house only to find worse on the road? And will the memories of everything she left behind even allow her to go on living?
Xavier Brice has tried everything to make his wife know how he feels about her. Still he can not convince her it is neither contract nor duty which binds him to her. And with his mother's constant and vile meddling, he knows Io is losing trust in his love for her.
To make matters worse, someone has tried to murder Io and he knows she thinks it could be him behind the attempt. When Io runs, Xavier is left with only the hope he will get to her in time to prove he is the one man who will love and protect her.
When two people cannot live without each other, separation can feel like death. But when staying together could end their lives for real, will the risk outweigh the reward, or will love end in tragedy?
The first chapter is available for  FREE
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