Friday, August 12, 2016

Caitlyn's Last Chance by Virginia Emerson


Caitlyn and Hunter love each other, but their marriage has grown tired and dull. He spends too much time watching TV, and Caitlyn is stressed out at having to 'wear the pants'. On advice from friends, they consult Dr. Fields, an expert in Domestic Discipline, feeling as though this is the last chance to save their marriage. After reading a short but informative pamphlet provided by the doctor, they begin attending sessions in which he teaches them the tenets of the lifestyle, and guides them into a relationship that can reinvigorate the marriage.

Hunter finds it difficult to 'hit' his wife at first, causing Caitlyn to fear that the end of their marriage is near. Hunter decides to seek extra help from Dr. Fields. During these extra sessions, the doctor describes the 'how to' of Domestic Discipline. Caitlyn's husband learns how to really get control of his recalcitrant wife and she finally gets what she wants. Is this really a good thing, or will she learn to be more careful about what she wishes for?

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