Friday, September 30, 2016

Hannah's Horror by Isabella Kole

Hannah is in danger. Can her hot doctor fiance reach her in time?

Hannah's Horroh

A blessing or a curse? That's what Hannah Stone can't decide about a special gift she's been given.
When Hannah and her best friend, Cassie, joined by their boyfriends, set out on one last fun-filled summer of vacations before beginning their senior year of college, they have no idea just how adventurous the trips are going to be.
An old inn that sits along the banks of the Mississippi holds a secret or two, and Hannah finds herself in the thick of things, much to the disapproval of her protective boyfriend. When he reveals his dominant side to her, will it turn her off or endear him to her forever?
The Smoky Mountain trip, where unknown dangers are hiding, turns out to be a life-changing experience.
And the last vacation...a relaxing beach trip...may be the one that convinces her the 'gift' is a rare and treasured blessing.
*Publisher's Warning: This book contains some scenes of spanking and graphic sex.
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