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Choose one of the two men, or take the return ticket and head home. It wasn’t much of a choice. Celia had worked and studied so hard to have a school of her own. And she had known that they might be a little upset. She knew exactly what they had wanted. It was stated very clearly in the advertisement and she could probably read and write better than anyone one of them.

Jackson sure never planned to marry, and how could he when his name would be a disgrace to his bride? So why had he fought so hard to keep her from marrying the other man? He could have shrugged it off and gotten out of there, but he just couldn’t do it. The new school teacher needed someone who would stay on her tail and teach her a lesson or else she’d run right into danger.

But, he’d have to be honest with her and tell her about that no good scoundrel who had sired him. She at least had a right to know he was a bas—illegitimate, that the man who fathered him had left his mother alone to fend for herself. Then if Celia could handle that, well, they could work the rest out. Besides, there weren’t any other good choices and she simply couldn’t be without a husband.

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The Sons of Johnny Hastings
(includes The Lawman's Lessons -above)

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The Blacksmith’s Bride by Patricia Green

Sunny Winslow knows exactly what she wants in a man. When she meets the blacksmith in her new home, Abel Armstrong, she's immediately hooked. Unfortunately, her mother has other plans for her that do not include a blacksmith. Her mother is determined to tie Sunny to a rich town counselor. Sunny is desperate to escape the counselor, so she embarks on a series of schemes to get what she wants.

The Outlaw’s Bride by Renee Rose

Mabelle Lawson had been managing her dead sister’s ranch without help for three months. The last thing she needs is a band of outlaws showing up and pushing her around. The Curly James gang members have no patience for her sass, and when their leader attempts to strike her with his fist, one of his men volunteers to spank her instead. She wants to hate the good-looking outlaw, but he seems to have her well-being at heart, even risking his life to protect her from the other men.
Unjustly accused of murder, Sam Pride is on the run and his luck worsens when he tangles with the Curly James gang. The only bright spot is the little spitfire rancher who steals his heart with her courage and spunk. When the two set off together for Cheyenne and then Denver, sparks fly and their magnetic connection grows.

The Juniper Bride by Maddie Taylor

Emmalee Gray watches in frustration as her fiancé boards a train west. Told to stay behind and prepare for their wedding, Em has other ideas. She doesn’t want to remain with home without him, especially with her witch of a step- mother and a papa, who barely knows she exists. She’d much rather risk Clint’s wrath and follow him. Her plan, to stay hidden until she gets far enough away from Boston he wouldn’t dare send her back alone. Then she can enjoy some private time and maybe a little adventure with her gorgeous fiancé, in advance of their nuptials. Clinton

To Have and to Scold by Mary Wehr

Annie’s sweet on her neighbor, Matthew Caine, but the stern rancher treats her like a bratty child instead of a woman. Each encounter always ends with a trip over his knee.
Matthew’s fed up with Annie’s childish behavior. Her latest prank ruined a brand new pair of boots! While he sets her britches on fire, he refers to her as a nuisance and warns her to leave him alone. For once in her life, Annie obeys. 

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The Chicagoan Switch

Caroline couldn't follow through with the mail order marriage she had agreed to, so she switched places with the woman next to her on the train. Anxious to get home, she had more reason to hurry when she received a wire relaying a family emergency.
Traveling with the Union Pacific across the mid- west was a long, hot trip and Caroline's temper flared at the man who took responsibility for the railroad. Her temper wasn't the only thing flaring - her bottom also felt the heat when Royce Ashby had had enough of her bad humor. A man's patience could only take him so far and it was quite obvious to him that Caroline was in need of a keeper. He knew he was up for the task.

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Liz will do anything to get away from her evil guardian, and she was prepared to disguise herself as a boy and look for work as a ranch hand. When Caroline, a stranger on the train next to her, sees through her "boy" disguise, and begs her to take her place as a mail-order bride, Liz doesn't hesitate long before saying yes. It's got to be easier than working on a ranch, and as a married woman with a new name, she'll be out of her guardian's clutches forever. 

Wade Malone has been looking forward to his new bride for months, but when "Caroline" finally arrives, things don't exactly add up. For one, "Caroline" was supposed to be twenty-five years old; the woman who came off the train doesn't look a day above sixteen. He has a strong aversion to liars, particularly in a wife. But he's also a man who keeps his promises and whoever the woman is at his side, he's made a commitment.

That doesn't mean he's not going to handle his new bride very firmly indeed. Then, against all odds, Liz starts to fall for the no-nonsense rancher and his family. How will she ever keep him from finding out the complete truth about the switch? 
Lovely Little Liar

Charlie gives the cop who pulls her over for speeding and reckless driving the performance of a lifetime, telling him that her mother is in the hospital on the edge of death.

Trooper Vin Loveanu wants nothing more than to pull her out of the vehicle and comfort her, but has to settle for sending flowers to the hospital, only to find out that the mother is not a patient. Further investigation turns up an obituary for Charlene's mother from four years before!

Charlie’s lies, abominable driving and strong family ties continue to bring the two together. She can’t run away far enough or fast enough and maybe—just maybe she should be running to Vin—not away, even if it meant a trip over his knee.
(Included in the With Hearts Aflame Book Set.)

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With Hearts Aflame

"Sweet Sinclair: Masters of the Castle Book Five" by Maren Smith (Author of #1 Erotic Romance bestseller "Kaylee's Keeper")
Since a competing sweets shop opened its doors, things have not gone well for Sinclair's candy shop, Maybe's Candy. Business was slowing, her finances were dropping and no matter what she did she just can't think of any way to get her business back on top. Even the one highlight of her week - that moment when handsome Parker Johnson, a man she'd been flirting with for over a year, came to buy his usual bag of caramels - even that wasn't much of a treat. How could it be when Sinclair already knew something was wrong with him? She couldn't quite put her finger on what it was - was he married, gay, a homicidal maniac? - but a guy didn't show this much interest in a girl and then not ask her out, at least not without a good reason. And Parker most definitely had not asked her out.

Then an unexpected ray of good luck: From out of the blue, she's offered a job. All she has to do is cater a candy party - one day, 900 people, and her store would be financially set all the way through summer. The only catch? The venue is a place called the Castle, a fantasy BDSM resort inhabited by some of the hottest Masters she has ever met. And one of them just happens to be Parker, the same man she's been drooling over for the last year.

What a coincidence! Or is it? Sinclair always knew there was something wrong with him. What she didn't know, was how he could make WRONG feel so wonderfully RIGHT?

"Master My Love: Decadence L.A. Book One" by Maddie Taylor
When a mysterious invitation to a new BDSM club arrives in Valerie Thornton's mailbox, she sees it as a fateful intervention. She has long suppressed her desire for a strong man who can nurture her inner-most desires and bring the submissive inside her to life. Now widowed with an empty nest, she's alone, unfulfilled and wondering what she's been missing.

Walking into the most exclusive club in LA all alone, Valerie almost loses her nerve, but the testosterone-filled atmosphere is pure temptation. Each dominant man she sees is sexier and more handsome than the last. When she meets intimidating Eric Dupree, the Master Dom takes her breath away. He seems perfect for her and Val knows he could bring her secret fantasies to life. She's ready to throw herself at his feet, but refrains. How could he possibly be interested in a forty-year-old BDSM novice like herself?

As managing partner and Rossi CFO, Eric should be thrilled. Club Decadence LA is successful, and Rossi is growing by leaps and bounds. But as he approaches middle age, he finds that he needs more than his career and bachelor lifestyle can give him. In walks Valerie Thornton, an innocent to his world. What has brought her to his club, of all places, and why can't he get her out of his mind?

"Love Hurts" by Dinah McLeod
Karen Donahue is intimidating, but she has to be. The youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company, her job is stress personified. She's used to being in charge, and if she doesn't always like it, well, it's part of the job. And if she's a little bit of a brat, it's just because she works so hard.

An excuse that is not good enough for Brandon Fuller.

After Karen's car breaks down, he comes to the rescue, only to be chewed out by the fiery, hot-tempered brat. He informs her that he won't fix her car unless she accepts a spanking for her behavior, and having broken her phone during her last tantrum, she has little choice but to accept. What she's not prepared for is how much she'll enjoy discovering the pleasure that often accompanies pain.

"Love Potion #9.1" by Robin Smith

Harper Hicks is a bona fide witch who has brewed up a bona fide love potion for sale to the normal and not-so-normal customers at her bookstore. After all, who doesn't want a little extra heat around Valentine's Day? And this one is guaranteed to make fantasies come true. What could possibly go wrong?

"Lovely Little Liar" by Patty Devlin

Charlie gives the cop who pulls her over for speeding and reckless driving the performance of a lifetime, telling him that her mother is in the hospital on the edge of death.

Trooper Vin Loveanu wants nothing more than to pull her out of the vehicle and comfort her, but has to settle for sending flowers to the hospital, only to find out that the mother is not a patient. Further investigation turns up an obituary for Charlene's mother from four years before!

Charlie's lies, abominable driving and strong family ties continue to bring the two together. She can't run away far enough or fast enough, and maybe - just maybe - she should be running to Vin, not away, even if it means a trip over his knee - or more than one.

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Joy hitches a ride headed to the Double R ranch looking for work. She is desperate to find a place to stay before the snow flies; however, she isn't prepared for feelings the large, sexy and entirely dominant man, who finds her, stirs up deep inside her. Living on the road has been hard and with her past, she should stay and beg for the job. But running is easier than dealing with her fears and these new feelings, isn't it?

Nick is used to being in charge, after all he has been the one taking care of his brothers for years. He knows just what Joy needs - and he's more than willing to put her over his knee and give it to her. Nick is also used to people leaving. He is not used to having a chance to change it. Can he find her, convince her to trust him, and bring her back? Will Nick be able to bring Joy into his home and his heart, and keep her there - for good, not just for Christmas?

This title is also contained in the "Naughty List" box-set collection below. 

The Naughty List Book Trailer

"Something Has to Give" by Maren Smith
"Saved" by Renee Rose
"Christmas Joy" by Patty Devlin
"A Father for Christmas" by Dinah McLeod
"Everything Christmas" by Maddie Taylor

Available for a LIMITED TIME only! Grab this amazing holiday collection of five novellas from some of old-fashioned romance's favorite authors. Each of these five books is all-new for the 2013 Holiday season. Almost 130,000 words of reading for a price that's 50% of the regular price for these books.

Tyler's Resolution Book Trailer

Tyler and Darcy's relationship is a complicated mess, even by modern day standards.

Sifting through Darcy's emotional baggage, on a regular basis, coupled with the responsibility to a son who isn't his own, can weaken even the strongest of men.

Drawing on his innermost strengths, Tyler resolves to put an end to the endless destructive patterns in their relationship and make Darcy an offer that will not be refused.

A resolution that lasts to death do us part...

He was rushing her! Everything was happening too fast. He wanted her to move. He wanted her to go to his fight in Las Vegas. He wanted her to fit into his life, but who was she anyway? She was a nobody from nowhere, and he was handsome, successful, he was going places! One day, he was going to wake up and realize that she didn't belong in his world. And that was going to break her heart. 

Tyler didn't understand her. He knew she loved him. He knew they belonged together, but her self-destructive behavior was going to tear them apart. He knew only one way to deal with that, and it involved a strong arm, a naked bottom, and a good, solid paddle. But what would it take to get her to believe in them?

Choices Book Trailer

It hadn’t taken Jessie long to figure out that Gabe was the one for her. After all, she'd practically begged him to marry her. Now that they were married, though, Gabe had started laying down rules and asking Jessie to start making some tough choices. What's a girl to do when she has to choose between her credit cards and a spanking?

But really, Jessie soon wonders, who lives like that nowadays? She loves Gabe, but is it worth it? When Gabe asks Jessie to stick with it for a year and see if it doesn’t make their marriage stronger, she knows that she has to make some hard decisions. What will she choose, and what will her choices cost her?

 In Harder Choices, (Choices Book 2) Jessie is settling into her DD marriage. Things should be easier but Jessie is still struggling with making the right choices. It seems she has harder choices now such as when to use her free spanking pass, or if she rather him use the belt or the dreaded bath brush.

For those customers who have been asking for more "pure" DD stories, this series is for you.

From Patty Devlin comes the third installment of her domestic discipline trilogy, "Choices." In "No Choice Left," Jessie loves Gabe with all her heart. She has come to realize that she loves the rules and guidelines her firm husband has put in place in their old-fashioned marriage. But still things can get pretty confusing. Sometimes a girl just needs time to think before making choices. Jessie makes a bad choice and runs away. So she has no choice left but to submit to a spanking from Gabe to prove how much she loves him.


  1. I'm looking forward to your next book. They are awesome.

  2. I just finished reading both "The Chicagoan Switch" and "Mail Order Switch." They were both wonderful stories with lots of spankings plus each had a HEA ending. But still, I felt let down. I know that it has been quite awhile since they were written, but I think there should be a least one, two or three more books in this series. If ever someone was in need of a firm hand and a good dose of DD for all her snooty ways, it surely is Caroline's mother!! And the ultimate finding of Preston as a married gold miner in San Francisco was a bit anti-climactic, and should be fleshed out in his own Action & Adventure/Love Story. That way, Caroline's mother would get both her comeuppance & her HEA & Preston's trip to Califonia & ultimate marriage would make sense. Plus, what of the reunion of Elizabeth & Caroline? If not their own book, then an expanded version of Caroline's book, detailing Caroline & Elizabeth's meeting in Chicago
    and tying up all of Elizabeth's loose ends.

  3. What happened to the choices books? Can not buy them anywhere...

  4. Choices have been pulled down. The fourth book is under way and I wanted to update and expand the first three to rerelease at the same time as book 4. You can email me at for more information.


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